Supposed to be a JH autoflower

HI all,
This is my last post for the year growing outdoors. Its been a horrible cool to cold and wet summer in my state down under. Plus we had developers and civil works going on with in 20 metres of my plants outdoors. Man, talk about stress and worry… My Auto’s did not produce much, compared to years past growing outdoors.
That said I wanted to show you all this last JHAF at 18 weeks/ 126 days since germination… It is tall and full of leaves, no buds or any resin… I call it the ‘Feather Duster Money Eater’ good for nothing variety.
Have many of you had one of these?



Genetics are never 100% in any species. Wouldn’t think cannabis to be different. Would suspect not all auto, auto 100% of the time. Would dispute high school biology for sure


Hmmm I’ve seen this before. Mine came from starting my autos indoors then placing them outdoors when the night temps dipped to 34 and frost stunted them. I then gave excessive nitrogen to try and jump start the stunted plant. The excessive nitrogen resulted in bushy airy buds. Could excess nitrogen be an issue?

Hi GulfCoast,

Out of approx 8 JHAF’s I grew outdoors this past summer, this plant which I do not believe is a JHAF is the only one that turned out like this.
It has no smell and not one trichome or anything that resembles a bud. It received the same feed etc.

But, it did shoot out of the pot much faster than its sisters, grew very tall and very fast. However, while its sisters flowered and finished in 14 weeks(harvested, dried and curing in jars) this girl kept on growing.
You cannot see the actual size, but thats a 10 gal grow bag. Im about 5ft 7’inches and the top of the plant is in my face. Ive just allowed it to grow, stopped any nutes ages ago to see what it turns into…

With all respect to ILGM, over the years Ive found their NL#5 feminised is one constant heavy producer I can count on. But this year the Auto’s have not produced like in the past. Had about 6 or so that were ‘fluffy, airy buds’. Still OK for personal use, edibles etc. but not the big fat buds Im used to.

I put it down to unusual summer conditions, especially too many cool, cloudy and rainy days/nights.
Its something to do with the ‘Indian ocean Dipole’ that gave us a wetter cooler summer…
Anyway, we live, learn and move on. Can’t complain as ILGM have been great in replacing seeds when I have requested.
Hope you guys have a hot and dry summer…

Is it a possible slight hermophidite?

Brandy here is one the cold got

And another this was a white Widow auto

Here’s ILGM super skunk photoperiod that have lived tthrough tornados, hail, 34 degrees twice and a bug or two.

I won’t plant autos outside before May 1st on the gulf coast anymore. They do not like cold nighttime temps and prefer 80 degrees up.

This one survived it’s a Bruce banner auto that’s rebounding well