Support Tickets


This is a draft of a concept we have been working on ( for possible new forum…shhh). It will allow support staff to zero in on particular issues, stay on topic, and give the most educated answer possible.
Before posting a grow support question; We need some information; In order to best address your issue/s.
Copy/Paste/Place this at the top of your support request:

Strain: Indoor or Outdoor? Size of space: Soil or Hydro? Medium used: PH: EC/TDS ppm levels: Temperature: Humidity %: Light system/watts?
Answering these questions before you submit a support question will help our staff do a better job of advising you through your grow. Choose the appropriate board; Place "ticket" at the top of your topic. If you are unsure where to place your topic; Post right here, and a Moderator will move it to the appropriate support board. If you fail to make a support ticket; You may wait longer for a reply; Or, You will be asked to fill out this "ticket" in order for staff to help you. We really want to help; Correctly, the 1st time. I love growing marijuana! Thanks for joining ILGM. Enjoy your visits. ILGM.Staff :wink:

What to do now to ak-47

Great time and energy saving idea, 'wood. Really good idea. You have my vote (IF I even have one! :wink:


Thanks Jodie,

I always have used this, but when we discussed building a new forum; With Bells and Whistles…The Boss suggested we put up notice that members will need to use support tickets. This will also allow us to place them in the appropriate forum; If necessary. Glad you approve! :smiley: