Support ticket to help me out

Him, dbrn and hellraiser are people I consider pivotal in my grow journey. I would still be messing up my soil and trying to figure it out if it wasn’t for him. Now I feel I have soil on lock and moving to coco. Guess I can be the new brash hardass around here. Just not nearly as experienced. And I am a brash hardass as is. Just don’t have the knowledge he does yet.


@Budz what happened to keystone. Why isn’t he active on here anymore

I should of scrolled down further before replaying also lol

@Mark0427 @Dieselgrow1031 @Budz What yall think??

My soil slurry came out differently than my runoffs

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How did u do the slurry and how do u do runoff. I collect a bit in a shallow bowl but let some run off before i catch. Just enough for a shot glass. Slurry is ro or distilled water o believe 1 cup of water with 2 tbsp of medium mix super well leave set for 15 minutes then check

2oz of water to 2 oz of medium i just checked after I fed one time and all the ppms together was running 2500 one day checked next watering it went down to 2300 and did a soil slurry today and its at those levels im lost here @Mark0427

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It coulda been shit added up in the pan without cleaning it time to time for a week or 2 idk

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Thats why i always let a bit run off then slide a small shallow bowl under catch some and dump into a shotglass so its deep enough to get the probe all in the mix

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Slurry tests aren’t as accurate for ppm, they are primarily for pH. Runoff is the opposite. Good for nute levels (ppm) but not as accurate as a slurry test if checking rootzone pH.

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Those aren’t bad numbers. Keep the heat down and under 1500ppm should be okay. Looks like you probably got some high 80s at some point. Otherwise I stand by nothing too concerning.

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@Budz meant to include the picture i fed then at roughly 1000ppm an in at 6.3 My run

My runoffs were roughly around 1600ppm to 2200ppm and my ph is low 5.0 on my gdp?? 5.2 on my sunset sherbet @Mark0427

You want to bring that ph up. Feed 7 next time. If using filtered water add calmag and ph. Don’t add nutes. The one time I had to correct pH I fed it overly corrected calmag only water everyday. But 20% the amount I normally would everyday two days (was in flower). It quickly caught back up to the rest on watering schedule. Her lack of drinking was what notified me, so I caught early

Im useing ro water brotha hopefully everything gets in check soon

Basically what I use too. Just not an ro system. 5 is pretty low.

You can basically grow in almost any ph. Most nutrient lines don’t allow for the required adjustments though. 6-6.5 is the soil “safe zone”

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Thanks Man!!!

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