Support ticket to help me out

-What strain,:gdp and Sunsetsherbert
-Age of plant/what week of flower: ,i believe 2nd week of flower
-Method: Soil with nector of the gods
-Vessels: rain science grow bags
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, 6.2
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable.6.2ph
-Method used to measure PH and TDS meters
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor, size of grow space indoors 4×4
Light: 600rspec led from hlg
-Actual wattage draw of light, all the way up "600"watts
-Current Light Schedule 6am to 6pm
-Temps; Day, Night 75night low 80sday
-Humidity; Day, Night :high 70s
-Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size yes closed loop with exhaust running out tent
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, ac/dehumidifier
-Co2; Yes, No yes only supplemented for one day…

I don’t see anything concerning. It’s normal during transition stretch for older leaves to be eaten by the plant. Which is where you are, in transition. Not in flower yet. Most consider flowerering once you have crowns like this.

Transition can take up to 3 weeks. A 48hr dark period before lights come.on for ,12/12 helps a lot too


True! Well ay man my ppm run off is at like 2300 now think I should flush??? I’ve think I barley had a a sign where I was barley pushing nute burn my tap water is around 700 ppm or sum somewhere higher unlike ro. I switched to ro couple weeks back man but im just worried bout the ppm last slurry was in the 5 to 600s range with ph of 6.2-6.3 @Budz but my runoffs the previous one from last time was around 2500 all of them together like in same dish and the next ppm was 2300 that I l Took last night im just trna get the best yield and buds man

So your suggestion a 48 hour dark period??? Beofre lights @Budz

Just water only till they drop. I wouldn’t flush.

Till leaves drop?? @Budz thanks man

Or numbers

Till the ppms drop. Once they are down to 1000-1200 begin feed again. You could remove the leaves. I do. They won’t heal. They’ll fall off on their own too.

Alright thanks!! Appreciate it man @Budz

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Yep i woild not flush either just phd calmag water for a time or 2 shoild get u back in shape.

Hey what about nutes?? Or just calmag @Mark0427 @Budz

There’s many ways to go about it. It’s just what you expect out of it. Nectar is a super soil amendment. If you want to stay on that path I’d recommend tribus and a compost tea or two. Tribus once a week. Compost teas only needed 1-2 times per grow. If you have indeed created a super soil. Don’t want to salt it to death. I use salt nutrients tho.

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Hey nah I’m useing nector nutes not the soil my apologies im useing Foxfarms soil rn oceans forest and happy frog i think more happy frog @Budz

But I have been thinking about picking up their #4 bag itl be 18 bucks after my discount at the hydro store

Your soil is a living soil as is then. Foxfarms soils have plenty of good stuff in them. You can grow from beginning to end in them as long you don’t salt them to death. @KeystoneCops taught me that. He had grown beginning to end in OF/HF mixes with water only successfully. Gonna miss him. Taught me a lot about soil. Like don’t salt it to death. Don’t pH adjust, also messes up the soil. But now I’m going coco. So I gotta get back to pH adjustments and everything. With fox farms soils you don’t need to adjust pH. Ive had much better results in happy frog since I stopped. This has never had intake pH adjusted. Because I let the buffer do it’s job.

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Honestly man im just worried about them ppms about to check them in a bit an go on from their

My best harvest to date was a plant that hit 4500 ppm runoff. Due to me messing up the pH of rootzone. I didn’t flush. I fixed my pH over light waterings with adjustment. That was what taught me to leave pH alone. But if that girl could recover with 4500ppm I wouldn’t worry about yours. OF soil starts higher than 2000. Doesn’t kill sprouts. Just let it drop. Don’t overwater her checking ppms.


What happened with keystone i thought i just seen him post recently

Click his name. He’ll pop in around mid August to update us on his light.

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Wow i did not know this. I seen him post alot too. So sad

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