Support ticket time :(

So I am seeing a lot of yellowish/brownish fan leaves at the bottom of the plants. They fall off with just a very slight pull or just brushing my fingers through the plant. it is going on with all 4 but happening more with my bigger two. I believe it is a N issue but this is my first grow so I’m not going to pretend that I have the answers so looking for help from you experts.
PS I flipped them to flowering on Oct 6

What strain ILGM WW and bubblegum

Method: Soil- FFOF

Vessels: fabric pots (5 gallons)

PH of Water- 6.5 (Haven’t checked runoff in awhile)

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution- have FF trio using their guide at half strength along with cal mag half strenght last watering it had me not put any grow big (6-4-4) but it was between 600-700

Indoor or Outdoor- indoor 4x4 tent

Light system- 2x bestva 1500 W LED (280 actual)

Temps; Day, Night - day -75/ night-64

Humidity; Day, Night- day mid 50s / night around 70

Ventilation system; Yes 6 inch 442 CFM ran on medium speed 24/7

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, yes to AC and humidifier no de-humidifier

Co2; - No

I’m thinking your yellowing plant is hungry. I’d give that one a full feeding and keep the green one at half. See what happens. I know people here that feed 2000 ppms to their plants every feeding. It should be safe to double the ppm.

That is entirely normal for cannabis to start leaching N from lower fans and discarding them. The N level in your soil is dropping as it’s used by the plant and your supportive nutrients don’t really replace all of the N: most growers feel it’s a bit smoother smoke.

I personally try to support the plant all the way through until the final water only phase before harvest. It makes more sense to me to keep it healthy and happy until harvest.


I heard for the bottom ones it’s normal to turn yellow and fall, but I don’t have a lot of experience.
Your plant looks really good though! Good luck

Alright thanks everyone :+1: