Support ticket Please help my extra little ladies!

Why are my seedlings still so small at 14 days? One looks healthy but small. Other is very small, limp and slight yellow tips should I transplant?
OJ Kush fem
Solo cups MG Seedling soil.
4x2 tent
600 w led 18-22’ in from seedling 18/6
4 in exhaust fan 24/7
Clamp fan 24/7
Watering with distilled
Haven’t ph’d. Kit arrives tomorrow
FF ocean will be final medium at transplant
Any and all suggestions welcomed! Thank you!

First problem is distilled water. Second issue you don’t have much soil in those cups. The yellowing is probably from the leaf touching the soil.

Definitely transfer imho.

I’d back that light off a little. Every time I’ve had seedlings curl under like that it was solved by giving them less light.

I’ve used distilled water on all of my plants, seedling through flowering, without issues. It’s all I use.

They do need more soil. They’ll get rootbound really quickly in those half filled cups.

Miracle Grow anything is bad news.

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Thanks. How high should I raise the light- 24-30 in?

Also… When transplanted. Should they get a full watering - soak the soil?

You will be best off slow rolling your watering while they are small. Right now they only need a couple ml of water a day at most.

I agree with MrPeat that you should transplant now. They will be rootbound in a matter of days, if they aren’t already. Seedlings at that stage will often pause visible growth for several days while they lay down roots.

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My first grow…What I slow rolling watering?

If you haven’t; put a clear dome over your seedlings. They derive most of their water from the air until a good taproot develops. Spray the inside of the dome twice per day with distilled water (no need to PH distilled) should provide all the water they need.

When transplanting, water sparingly until the plant has grown to fill the pot.

And your plants look fine.

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He means only a couple ml a day. To much water will cause problems as to little water will cause problems.

At this stage they only need no more than 2 to 5 ml. Especially once the girls have been transplanted.

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So. Yes on transplanting now?
Continue light water once they re in forever home?

Yes on transplanting. Myfriendis410 made a good point about a dome. You can make one by cutting a clear pop bottle.

Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles. Be careful to not to overwater and be sure to let the soil dry out before you add additional water. They won’t need much at all, and if you are misting in the dome as was suggested, they will need even less watering. Misting is a good idea. Seedlings really like a lot of humidity and do take in a lot of water via their leaves.

Don’t transplant into more Miracle Grow. Chances are the nutrients in MG soil will burn your plants.

Thanks guys. They’ll be going to Fox Ocean. I update in a week

Last question
Y’all s thoughts on mycorrhizae powder to the root ball or transplant hole?

Growers use it…I don’t. You can so a search on this forum and will find plenty of info.

Help! My seedlings are shriveling after transplant. I raised light put them under a misted dome. Should I give them more water? The seedling mix was very dry. I put them fox farm soil
Thanks for any advice

suggest: 9 oz clear plastic cups…3 holes for drainage AND…another on top for a humidity dome. mist inside of top cups once / twice a day. fill cup to 1/2" from rim.

If the soil is dry, water by all means. Nothing good comes from dry soil and a young seedling. Water, then let it dry out, water, dry, repeat as needed.

Keep in mind that seedlings only need a couple of milliliters of water at a time. Too much water can be as bad as no water at all.

I transplanted the ladies into 2 gal fab pots of Fox OF. It’s was a sad day n 1/2 Of shock. I was a worried parent! They seem to be recovering well. I am misting them under domes.
Questions for your expertises:
1 how long should I keep the domes?
2 I didn’t moisten soil before transplant but I have given light water around seedlings. Should I water soil beyond immediate perimeter of plants? I did mist soil to edge of pot.
3 Does this begin week one of veg and should I go for 4-6 weeks?
4 what’s my next step?

Thanks to all for your sage advice!