Support ticket not sure about what was going on

Sensi a/b grow 58ml Medium 15 gal
B-52. 58 ml
Orca. 15 ml
Hygrozyme. 60 ml
Hydroguard. 100ml. Accident lol
Lots of ph down and ph keeps rising to 6.4
Temp 70 off. 78 max on norm 74
Rez temp 69/72
Ppm stable 600 ish
Day 5 of veg
Using Meg preasure of lowest setting for 390
I’m guessing around 50
Light spider farmer at 4000 35 inch at 25%

Wondering what causes the medium rdwc to get sediment a lot of it . From nutrients ? Normal?

And what was or could be slowing my plants down ?

Sf-4000. Negative preasure from com in-line duct fan not the loud ones the quiet plastic one

50 cfm pulling in tent

Not really sure about your nute brand but if I’m looking at your meter correct I’d say bump that 400 up another 400 or so.

Ok the ppm is actually 600 that what u seen was 420 ec. Noticing happier plants as I just woke up but worried about the brown spotting and tip burn . Guessing nutrient burn at this time but making sure it’s not some other issue . I did do a straight 3% hydrogen peroxide wash soaked medium sizzled instantlybathtub water washed out dipped in6.0 water in bucket then out back into the medium to correct any Pythium / brown roots and they seemed a lot better . New issue

Brown spot and continuous tip burn but happy plants growth has been faster but still tick slower than normal

Here are some better pictures seems to have more signs in older leaf but noticed it this morning on the newest growth slightly . Light burn from water on leafs due to the washi was hoping for .

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Looks more like light nutrient (Nitrogento be specific) burn…

Nothing to wet the bed over.

Is sensi organic? I know organics in hydro gets… complicated.

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not sure . after a basic chart the two that cause spots either potassium or manganese deficient but ph flux is prob my main cause . the burn is what i kept thinking


Manganese is a micronute. VERY rare to see deficiency of it. More likely pH caused then anything.

Potassium Deficiency makes the leaves look like an overripe banana. Yellow with brown spots. Looks like Nitrogen deficiency just has those spots.

Ur looking at a Slight Nitrogen toxicity

Lets see the ‘sediment’.

And just taper back whatever high N (either A or B) fert ur using. She will be fine

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perfect sounds like a plan the sediment is like a muggy fish tank after stirring up the particles that are brown everywhere from too much poop or fish food from bottom of tank . similiar to bottom of my buckets. ppm 600 so i would say yes nutrient burn

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they are growing pretty fast now i might just mix up this thursday week two at around same dosage instead of increasing it

600 isnt exactly bad tho. Pretty seedling level reading. Its not a bad burn. Dont overcompensate.

If u had fish food/poop in the bucket before and didnt clearly sanitize, then there’s ur answer. Growing weed in hudro needs to be pretty sterile. If u have anything organic in there, the bacteria WILL propagate in the bubbles and ull get muck. Dump that water. STERILIZE. And refill.

Same dosage will be fine. May get a bit more burn, but again the slight tips aint bad. When it works down the leaf edge of expands deeper into the leaf, u course correct


100% agree i was saying similar as of looks but not fish food this was r/o water with advanced nutrients and some hygrozyme with orca and hydroguard mizzed is all

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Any more hydroers… what am I forgetting?


Sediments on bottom of system

Likely a reaction with the bacterial agents added (good stuff).

You should be running cal mag and silica in your mix, is your base water tap or R/O? If mine I’d drop lights down and up the power then bump rez up to 900 ppm.

Not sure what you are reading here: EC is another means of measuring salts, 1.0 ec = 500 ppm. An EC of .420 would be around 200 ppm. 4.20 would be 2,200 ppm. You may want to clarify that.

A stronger nutrient solution will resist PH swings better, as will a larger rez. I would be careful about putting undilute 3% peroxide on roots unless an emergency.

Do you have a chiller? If not you will. Guaranteed.

What he said. I’ll add that it’s all very rare in early veg.

The reason I’m recommending turning up lights is the plant will be able to utilize a higher solution concentration and GROW.


Sorry, Im a soil grower.

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Awesome stuff love the talks . I am using r/o water . When I select ec it says 420 then when I select ppm it says 600 . . Thanks for the help !!

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i may get a different cal mag than advanced since advanced cal mag has more MACRO in it.

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Oopse ec X 500 so the uk version saying

Is what I meant

I use Jack’s part A &B plus epsom salt. I run chillers on my water, and keep it BELOW 68 degrees. I use 27gal totes. One for plants, one for reservoir. Make sure all ingredients are TOTALLY dissolved before adding. If you’re using AN nutrients, you’re spending WAY too much money. pH should stay below 6.2
I run it around 6.0 during veg, and drop it during flower to 5.6-5.8 during flower