Support ticket, mustard yellow spots

I noticed more of these tonight on the top of one of the plants. I don’t know if they are new or if I didn’t notice them before. (I’ve shifted things a bit in the tent)

It could be light stress. I had a rough day of work yesterday skipped measuring DLI or raising the light.

It also kind of looks like iron deficiency pictures, the way the discoloration doesn’t cross the veins. Which could go back to the pH issue. If it shows up again, I may need to flush.

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The intravenous chloritis is back on all blooming autos and on upper leaves. It has not shown on the photo in vege.

@OGIncognito, @beardless, do y’all have any ideas besides iron deficiency or light burn?

The only recommendation I’ve seen for iron deficiency is flush with pH 6 water and re-feed

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The older affected leaves will never recover. Sure you knew that. If you’re PH is back in check and looking at your last numbers it appears so, i’m leaning more towards phosphorus and potassium more so than Iron. I’ve experienced this in flower not in veg and you look to around week 3 or so into flower?? Tagging a few mentors for help @AfgVet @MattyBear

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I noticed preflower beginning 14 days ago.

I took this flower porn pic of the white widow yesterday, which is probably the furthest into flower.

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My first instinct would be calcium and magnesium. I have had to increase either or both epsom and part B on some of my plants starting a few weeks into flower

I’m flushing right now instead of their formal 2nd feeding of the day. 1 plant down, 2 to go.

@AfgVet, Would it be a good idea to swap cal-mag for Epsom salts? I have both.

Also, how long should I wait to feed after I flush?

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I ran 4 gallons through each 2.2 gallon pot. The water was adjusted to pH 5.8 - 6.2. Most of the time it was between 5.9 & 6.1.

I’m thinking of letting them wait until their evening irrigation in 4 hours.

(Also, I’m in coco. So I don’t want it to get too dry.)

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Not sure what your watering system is, manual or auto, but I would give them a feeding today and then carry on with your normal ways

So, you can increase the epsom and part b a bit or you can give them a cal/mag feeding. The few times I did it, I did my normal feeding in the mid morning, then that evening gave them cal/mag. Then back to my normal schedule. I did the cal/mag a couple of times a week

I auto-water three times a day: 4:00am at lights on, at 11:30am, and 5:00pm. Lights out is at midnight.

Today, I flushed between 11:30am and 1pm.

I increased the epsom & Part B a little. I’ll let them run their regular feeding in 2 hours.

Maybe mid-week, I’ll give them some straight cal-mag.


Had a snafu in tonight’s watering. One of the 8 drippers fell out of a pot and peed all over my secondary containment.

After cleaning it up, the fertigate stats are:
Vol in ≈ 1 gal. Vol out ≈ just under 1 gal.
pH in ≈ 5.9. pH out ≈ 6.8.
TDS in ≈ 2100. TDS out ≈ 1200.

The pH out might have been influenced by aeration from the tent’s air intake for 2.5 hours before I wet vac’ed. Still, it seems rather high for having adjusted the flush water to pH ≈ 6. The TDS out was definitely influenced by the errant dripper.

The bottom line, I think I mostly pushed flush water out with fertigate.

They aren’t looking better or worse. I suppose that’s a win.

I got a scale that can better measure small quantities better. My previous scale’s smallest unit of measure was 2 grams. Kind of tough to measure 5 grams accurately.

For the last couple days, I fed them extra Part B & epsom salt. Tonight I’m running pH 5.8 cal-mag in the 3rd feeding of the day.

@AfgVet, how long should I do the occasional cal-mag feeding? Or should I make it a regular biweekly thing through harvest? I’m anticipating harvest in 3 to 5 weeks.

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I would use it for another week or two if you’re that close. A couple of times a week is what I’ve done with success

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Dang it. Now I’ve got this going on.

Is this potassium deficiency? Or could it be not enough light reaching the bottom of the plant?

Getting in there and cutting that stuff out, it looks like the really bad stuff were leaves I tucked or tied out of the way of colas. I’m hoping that’s just lack of light damage.

The leaves with the slightly damaged & orange points, I’m hoping is related to the other nutrient deficiencies.

I also found a solitary gnat I must have picked up while flushing the plants.

@AfgVet, none of the bottom leaf damage has come back since I cut it out 3 days ago. I’m sticking with the theory they undergrowth wasn’t getting enough light and needed trimmed anyway.

The upper leaf spottage is still cropping up but not as bad or wide spread as before. I’m just about to administer the second cal-mag feeding.

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Sounds like you’re making progress. Awesome

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What ever happened here how’s it going now?


I’ve been trimming damaged leaves weekly to better track if it is getting better. I’ve only had one damaged leaf show in the last week on all 4 plants.

I ran cal-mag a total of 3 times and I’ve been running 100% Jacks Part A and 110% Epsom salts & Jack’s Part B for every feeding.

I’m running through a ton of pH Down. It takes 7 full droppers to adjust 5 gallon of my tap water to pH 5.8.

And I’m totally excited to be closing in on harvesting 3 autos in the next month.

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Oh wow! They are beautiful! Well done! @WormyUnicorn

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