Support ticket help plz

PLZ HELP I Do Not KNOW What’s WRONG With them Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA lemon haze auto and mystery seeds

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?hydroponic

System type?Dwc

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?5.7 ph

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. 333tds

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR grow

Light system, size?600w mars hydro led

Temps; Day, Night day is around 70 to 80 night mostly the same lowest 64

Humidity; Day, Night stays around 38 to 50 all day and night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size yes 4 inch inline fan outtake with carbon filter in a 2x2x4 tent

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, ac, and humidifier

Co2; Yes, No no co2

@garrigan62 do u have any ideas

looks like it has been over watered…
@ktreez420 is a hydro guy IIRC

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Dang I thought it was under watering the plug was rock-hard so I drenched it they are in a dwc so I didn’t think to check the tops it’s my first grow I’m so sad she was just showing her sex too bummer

don’t do anything drastic,…wait for one of the hydro specialists to chime in…it likely is not too late to save her.

I really do hope so

…it looks like damping off to me


Dang I’m not sure when it started what can I do

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do.

You should put up a picture of your entire hydroponic system including water levels, air movement etc.

Check out Roberts grow Bible for more information on this issue and hydroponic cultivation

  • best wishes

Damn that really sucks is it genetics or what

Everything looks adequate that’s unusual to see that type of a fungus or or damping off at that age of the plant

something was too wet, have you checked your stone ? …is everything functioning in that bucket normally

I’m not doing Hydro now but a couple of guys here could hook you up, @kabongster and treez could help more than me regarding hydro


I feel yourI pain here on root rot. I run DWC Bubbler Tub. I tried everything to get rid(Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, H2O2, SM-90, ect) it would die back but never completely go away, I was ready to pull it to start over & finally found it took a couple of things to get it completely handled. #1. Must use RO water if you have rot(recommend it even if you don’t) #2. you can H2O2 root dunk all you want, still comes back #3. Do not listen to the local hydro shop they don’t know in most cases #4. watch those res temps(never over 75 degree F if can help it) #5. put the most amount of air stones in the res water that is reasonable (my 10 Gal res of which I keep 6 gal H2O have 3 large Air Stones ea). My local Hydro shops in my area (3 in all) all said H2O2 dunks, 5ml/gal in res & use Hygrozyme; things went from bad to worse because it turned into the worst thing I ever seen, I got water mold (snottiest looking shit I every did see). Finally the thing that turned it all around was Dutch Master Gold Range Zone, and it was like night & day. 1 day things had improved greatly, 1 week had snow white explosion of root in res, 2 weeks no signs of anything but what I wanted in there! The proof is documented in my current grow journal! I was hoping just to limp through to the next time, & just chock it up to OJT but now have very high expectation on the finish weight of the grow!

Hope this works for ya


I can’t recall the top of my plugs ever getting that moist looking…ideally the water level is at or below the basket bottom and it’s just the splashing of water on the exposed roots that supplies enough moisture leaving the plug (at the top end) and stem dry. Wetting the plug doesn’t help the roots much.

just my opinion on what I see, I hope it isn’t “damping off” disease…that is hard to beat.


Oops ya the plug was bonedry and so was a most of the rock wool exposed so I’d sprayed the plug and wool down a bit

The others are in same system with everything the same I hope it doesn’t occur with them

I know exactly what’s going on here @Firstgrow

You need to lower the water level in your buckets, I can see that it’s too high, which is causing your rockwool to stay wet, which is causing your stem to dampen off.

It’s why I don’t use rockwool or rapid rooters, I just don’t trust them.

The water level should be below the net pot. You probably had it up high because your plants roots weren’t popping through the hydroton and into the reservoir. And that’s ok to do, but you should have lowered the water level once roots protruded. The splashing of the water from your air stone will cause water to run off the hydroton, promoting your roots to grow down into the reservoir. I personally never put my water level above the net pot, even on my freshly transplanted plants. The splashing has always been enough to get the roots to grow out of the hydroton and down into my reservoir.

Unfortunately, I don’t think those plants with the dampening off will come back. But it’s ok, it’s a good learning lesson for you! @kabongster you were right with your thoughts!


Dang but ya you are righ t good to know I’m going to lower the levels on the healthy plants soon as there lights come on in just wish I had checked a day or two ago lol but I will not be making that mistake again if u are around later I’d like your opinion on a diy dwc I made when there lights are on I’ll put a pic up thanks everyone for the help hopefully the rest of my Lil babies stay healthy

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Yeaa dude I’m always around, I try to check the forum twice a day. Just tag me in a post and I’ll get the notification right away. It’s always awesome to see guys adapt so well to changes, great job dude! Keep your head up, positive thoughts and good vibes will always help you. You’re on the right track @Firstgrow

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I had one that did that so i cut it off and cloned it,endee up working great in the end