Support Ticket - General Review in support of grow

  • Personal Seed Bank-strain…”Luck o the Draw” lol
  • Method: Standard potting soil
  • Vessels: Plastic drink tub
  • PH of Water not sure, distilled drinking water
  • PPM unknown
  • Indoor
  • Light system: 4 48” 40w 1900 lumen flourescent
  • Temps; Day 72. Night 58 (no obvious stress seen)
  • Humidity; Day 40 Night 45
  • Ventilation system; Ceiling Fan
  • Humidifiers/dehumidifiers not used
  • Co2; No but exhaling into domes of clones after venting/misting

Hoping for some guidance on setup and suggestions for successful grow…also assistance in identifying type and strain guesses if possible. Consensus is currently Indica, strain unknown

I started this grow from seed as mentioned in previous post. 9 planted, 2 were viable.

Started in garage grow space on Dec 2nd
48”W x 20”Deep x 52”High


61 days later first set of clones taken from Plant “A”

Feb 4th moved grow indoors - day 64 created a more stable environment temp wise. Growth increased dramatically.

48”W x 24”D x 72”H homemade grow booth

Feb 13th-Day 73, harvested 4 additional clones from plant “A” and 3 from plant “B”

Feb 14 - Day 74 Plant “A” presented her first set of pistils…yippie!!!


1- Should I switch to 12/12 light schedule now?
1a- when I do go to 12/12 should I add another set of fluorescents? I can add a total of 4 more 40w 1900L for a total of 15,280 lumens
2- Since plant B sex is unknown and it is so close to A, should I remove it? If it’s a male, can the roots intermingle and affect A? Will they share each other’s DNA? (Possible stupid question) lol
3- Should I trim fan leaves from A to help B flourish?
4 -

Have not used any supplemental nutrients to this point.

Any glaring concerns or tips at this point? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have started to read the Bible as well as Marijuana Plant Care.

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She’s kinda small for being that old. Despite not having noticable signs of stress, i would guess temp had factor in that along with low light intensity. Adding more light in flower will help for sure. Growing multiple plants in same pot can be a hassle. Not sure they will share dna, but root systems will become intertwined for sure. Up to you how to proceed there, could work out a number of ways.


That’s why I moved her from the garage, was hard to maintain optimal temps…I can literally see the daily growth now. Thanks for the input, greatly appreciated!


if plant B turns male u can simply chop him down,
not ideal because the roots can rot and effect Plant A.
it’d be best to see some pre-flowers on it first.

bend plant A over away from plant B (LST),
this will utilize your light better for both plants,
your lights r 4’, 3-3.5’ of good light, make plant A 2’+ long.!!

2x4 = 8 sq ft x 50-60 wpsf = 400-480 watts of T-12 floro needed for good flowering
u need 6 shop lights to do the best possible.!

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Thanks @SlowOldGuy tomorrow I’m going to switch over to a 500w hps kit


First Welcome to ILGM and to our community.

Don’t plant together again ok. Because look at what your facing now.
Myself I would separate them and place into separate pots. It really isn’t hard to do.
If you do just soak the hell out of them and have your pot’s ready for them . Your water you will want to use hydrogen Peroxide and some Liquide Thrive, add two caps of peroxide and two drops of thrive to 2 liter of water for shock this helps big time. soak the hole with it place plants in cover and soak again and your good to go


Revised my set-up and now have a 315w Cmh agro bulb that I was told is the equivalent of a 600w hps without the added heat. Thanks for the advice!!! I will work the light further down towards the plant but want to see how much heat the new fixture adds to the 10x10 room. The ceiling fan in the room moves the plants nicely.