Support Ticket: Brown, dry buds?

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (from ILGM) Autoflower

• Method: Soil

Soil brand and type: FF Ocean Forest with Happy Frog on top 2 inches

• Vessels: Fabric grow bags

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff: Don’t know, I water with my house water.

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: I’ve only been giving straight water for past 2 weeks

• Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor

• Temps; Day, Night: It’s been Mid 90’s with high humidity during the day and high 70s at night.

• Humidity; Day, Night: High

This bud has suddenly turned brown, dry, and dead from the inside out. This is the only one that it’s happening to on that plant. None of my other plants are doing this. Been giving nothing but straight water for the past couple of weeks. I’m days away from harvest.

Advice? Thoughts on what’s happening?

Hey @Mirshaan , for your sake I hope am mistaken, but considering your high humidity and from my experience it looks like bud rot to me.
I went through the same ordeal and dumped 80% of my outdoor grow.


I was going to say the same
Looks like bud rot :disappointed:

Cut that one out of the plant and keep an eye out for more as if one bud is affected some others might be right behind it


That’s kinda what I was thinking I should do. It’s the only one that is doing it so far.

As I’m thinking about it, that particular bud gets a lot of inadvertent water on it when I’m watering. Could that contribute to the bud rot?

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I would imagine that extra moisture can’t be helping

RH is the main cause and since you are outside not really much you can do except hope for less humidity in the days ahead

But I would avoid getting water actually on the plant if you can and only in the soil

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Ugh. We’re expecting a washout of thunderstorms this afternoon. I’ll keep my eyes open for any signs of more.

TBH, I could probably harvest right now and it would still be good. Just wanting to wait a few more days to get some amber in the trichromes. Today is exactly 10 weeks since germination.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days…

Yeah I’d wait too you can trim out bud rot as long as all is not affected but you can’t put back on the stalk to ripen up once you’ve chopped

I’d be REALLY careful not to get anymore water on buds. And if sissy that one with a peroxide solution to get those spores out of the area. Snip it and toss it