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I was reading about this today a tiny bit can you clarify how we should be feeding calcium?

I know places like NPK industries and chemgro don’t include the cal because of the calcium nitrate will convert to calcium phosphate, which is plant unavailable.
So it’s earthier make a one part and add calcium or make an a + b.

Soo that being said do we have to add the cal on water days rather than on feed days?

I don’t feel like there’s a single answer to every situation. A lot of the chemicals won’t stay in suspension together, that’s the biggest reason you see multiple bottles, bags, or whatever required to provide complete nutrient regimen to plants.


Here’s what works for me
Calcium nitrate when feeding with nitrogen and back off on the others when using this

Oyster shell flour these are pills vitamins and i often find them at the dollar store and 1 600mg pill to a gallon works for me

Calcium carbonate powder is good i get the fine powder and it dissolves really well

I add some type of sugar with this like molasses crystals or brown sugar and a 1/8 tsp of humic acid and the plant really takes it in i use Epson salt with this for home made cal mag and do this on a water day also sea mineral salt is very good to i use sea-90 it’s cheap and like a 1/2tsp per gallon i get a rounded smooth smoke with it.

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I watered with cal mag. 1-0-0 today. Lowest N I could find. Also a tsp of Epsom salt. The spots were only slightly larger than yesterday. I will probably flush in a day or two if it continues to spread. But I bet I have it under control now. Ph out was 5.9 and ppm out was 1060. Those numbers read pretty well to me. Temp was 73 and RH was 44% also good.

I dont think I will remove the damaged leaves. I’m pretty sure leaf production has shut down on her and she needs what she has. All energy towards flower now.

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Okay the son was in school today. No snow day. I have just been giving here ph water with cal-mag 1-0-0 Epson salts for the last two days. The rust has stopped but I figured why not flush, water with cal-mag and Epson salt. Tomorrow is a feeding day. She will be fed then. I think i havr this under control. Pmm after flush was 200, and ph of 5.9. I will feed tomorrow around 1000 ppm and she how she does.

that is the worse looking leaf, and non of the others have gotten worse.

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@Axemanjake23 i hear a lot of people talking about epson salt if you don’t mind me asking what do that do for the plants thanks

@bellabstar adding epson salt can increase magnesium and helps promote flavors and terpenes. 1tsp per gallon of water.

@Axemanjake23 thanks when do you start the epson salt is it only during flowering?

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@bellabstar I just started using it due to a deficiency. I may not be the one to ask but i know I know for sure these guys will know.

How often do I add epson salt to my grow. @Myfriendis410 @Nicky @ThcinKC @MattyBear @MrPeat @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty.

Now lets find out together.
I was planning on once a week.

@Axemanjake23 thanks

I started a small dose (1/2 tsp/gallon) at the flip. At 4 weeks flower went to 1 tsp/gallon and held there until final flush. The plant saw Epsom Salts on feeding days and not watering (Promix HP).

I also provided cal mag in ‘moderate’ dosage (FF Gringo Rasta) of IIRC 1 t/g. For flavor I used the full Monty: GH Floralicious Plus, LKB, Flora Blend, Flora Nectar, Humic Acid, Diamond Nectar etc. (basically the full GH line other than Rapid Start). Best plant I’ve done so far.


I use 1 tablespoon of Epson salt to a gallon every 2 weeks but with the the addition of the 2 288qb boards to my 2 600w hps mh lights im doing it once a week plus I use calcium carbonate or oyster shell calcium when I don’t want nitrogen and use calcium nitrate when nitrogen is needed so like with fox farm i don’t use grow big and substitute with calcium nitrate on full feed days hope this makes sense

It makes sense. Thanks

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I follow a feed scedule of raw nutes it shows how much cal and mag to give
Cut it down to 1g per gallon basically and go by TDS

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