Support ticket a little help

Strain; Type, white widow fem photo

Coco in 5 gal cloth pots

PH of runoff 5.87

What is strength of nutrient mix? I fed friday at 1200ppm 500 scale. Run off today was 1062

Indoor or Outdoor
Indoor tent 2x4 ,3 lights total of 450 out the wall

Temps; Day 75, night 65

Humidity; Day 37% night 41%

Ventilation system; Yes, 4 inch 200 chm

AC room, De-humidifier in tent

Co2; No

I am close to the end of week 4 of flower/flip. I monitor my ppm and ph every day. I feed when my ppm falls below 1100 ish and feed around 1200 to 1400 ppm depending on the run off. My ph has been pretty constant from 5.8 to 6.2 going in and run off. I feed the complete FF dirty dozen and fallow the schedule pretty close. I supplement with cal-mag at least once if not twice a week. I also supplement with recharge every other watering. I use tap water with a ppm of 141 and I always let it sit out 24 to 48hl hrs to dechlorinate. I have some nute burn on the tips but I like to push the nutes and read my plant. The problem i am having is very small rust spots are showing up on the plant. They are only on the fan leaves and all over the plant not just new growth. It maybe getting time for my plant to start consuming it’s self but it seems early to me.
Any help is welcome and thanks. I love this place!!! Now for the pics…
@blackthumbbetty @merlin44 @Myfriendis410 @MrPeat @Nicky @dbrn32 @Hogmaster @Missiles @Familyman @imSICKkid help!!!


Have you ever flushed the soil/coco?

I did flush at the 3 week point. So about 9 days ago. I used sledge hammer and ran ph dechlorinated room temp water tell the ppms got around 200.

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Check some of these threads…
Others may chime in soon

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Yeah man. It has me scratching my head. I feel like i had my grow inline.

Excellent point. FF has recommended flush points during the grow cycle so it’s a good idea to do that; especially in coco. The media tends to sequester calcium and magnesium so it’s a good idea to run cal mag at highest amount listed for the product.

N seems a bit high and may be causing a lockout of magnesium. Personally I would bump those numbers down a bit and you may be surprised at how well she responds. One thing you do need to consider is the 5 gallon pot is not going to support a large canopy and rootbound issues can develop.

You are doing a stellar job and all of your metrics appear to be covered (you should look into VPD if you haven’t already)

FYI 4 weeks since flip would put you at about day 20 of flower so more like 2 1/2 to 3 weeks (don’t count transition).

You might start adding a bit of Epsom Salts (1 tsp/gallon) which will add some magnesium and helps promote flavors and terpenes.

Also: remember your published grow schedule from FF is for the 700 scale and not the 500 scale (NACL) which is what your TDS meter is likely calibrated for. All FF numbers will show high by 25%.


I use fox farm nutrients to i run at half strength of schedule to keep from nute burn if your on beastie blooms then cut back a little bit on the grow big and add a table spoon of brown sugar to your nutrients carbon from the sugar really works synergistic with everything.


Yes, I am doing or have done all that but drop the N down and add Epsom salt. I have in mind that FF is 700, at this point FF schedule says 1900 to 2000 pm. Thats why I feed around 1200 to 1400 on my 500 meter.

Do you think it could be potting issues. I bet it is too late to pot up?

I am on beastie bloomz I will cut the grow big back some which will pull the N back as @Myfriendis410 said. THANK. If this doesnt fix it I will flush again.


@Myfriendis410 that is also great news about only being in flower about 2 weeks. Damn this plant will be a monster in 6 to 8 more weeks. I am confident I can pull her around.

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Ok first I want to say @Axemanjake23 that is an amazing first post we didn’t have to go back and forth you laid out tons of information there.

My first impression is slight calcium deficiency

Secondly here is a modified version of fox farms scedule in the 500 scale I stole this from @Bobbydigital I believe so all the credit goes to him.


You stole that at the same time I did. Hahahaha.


Try running 1,000 to 1,100 while doing your runoff test for TDS. You can tailor the salt level based on the plant’s consumption. You are not far off but would suggest a flush/reset and see if that nips it in the bud as it were haha. If you get TDS levels too high the plant can stall. You have adequate light so you are hitting your DLI and if RH is in the ‘green’ range for VPD she’ll consume a lot of liquid. This is a good thing but nutrient salts are taken up too at an increased rate. So issues can develop like nute burn only because they are drinking so heavily.

This early and I would like to be hitting peak VPD anyway and you are doing such a good job of monitoring your plant that I think you will be pleased.

Are you doing a feed/water/feed/water and are you producing runoff?

Yes; having too large a canopy compared to root mass can cause lockouts and small flower etc. I think you will be fine but keep in mind next grow: I like 7’s in coco. You are going to find out why WW is such a popular plant too. Great strain!

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I produce run off every day yes. I dont do feed/ water/feed/ water. I normally feed sunday and thursdays and supplemental feedings if my ppm says so. Some weeks I feed alot some weeks just two days. I did notice today that my plant took in a full gallon and had about 1/2 of quart of run off today. About 10% to 15%. I tend to try for 25% run off. If I am reading that colorful chart right my vpd is close. I am not able to flush tell my son is in school Tuesday. So I will just water with epsome salts added tomorrow. See how she does.

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Dude, you sound on the ball. Whatever issues you have are certainly minor and it’s almost nitpicking now haha. Nice job; look up ‘Bud Wash’ on Youtube.


Man, thanks. I really love my plants right up tell chop time. Then I love to smoke them. I find it relaxing to grow. I find myself just staring and talking to them. I feel I am nitpicking too. As there might be 10 leaves total that look like this. I just like to catch deficiencies asap and fix them.
I have learned a crap load just from this post. Thanks so so so much.


Hey, can i supplement calcium with eggshells? And if so how do I? My cal mag has 2 for N and I dont want any nitrogen in my next couple of waterings. I just left work and went to the dollar store and picked up some Epsom salt. @Myfriendis410 @ThcinKC @Nicky @Spiney_norman @blackthumbbetty

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The calcium in eggshells is not readily broken down by the plant. You need something designed for it. Just reduce your primary N source by 10% until you can get some cal mag with no N.


Outside of box thought, but potash and phosphate are both antagonistic to calcium. Looking at your feeding method I feel it’s at least possible that you may have calcium locked out.


Yeah. I’LL fix that. Can u say flush.

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I use cal mag every watering while using coco.

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