Support ticket 1 plant drooping with brownish leaves

  • What strain, cheese
  • Method: Soil Fox farm ocean forest
  • Vessels: Pots
  • Indoor or Outdoor- outdoor in a small greenhouse
  • Temps; Day, Night 50-60night/ Day 50-75or 80
  • Humidity; humid
  • nutrients- FoxFarm grow big

Were looking healthy but a few of the most bottom leaves turned yellow, plant wilted then looked like this.
I’ve given nutrients every other time I’m watering.
The leaves looked healthy and green until 2 days ago, they went a little limp and then this.
Am I feeding too often? Or not watering this enough?
Or could it be that it’s getting too hot in my little greenhouse? I have not taken the temp in there.

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What’s the PH/PPM going in at?

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I am totally new :grin:
Very first grow and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to be able to do this.
I’m waiting on a pH meter I ordered, and what is a PPM?

Yes you can and tons of support here that want to see you succeed!!

PPM or TDS can be measured by a meter like the PH meter you are getting. It will let you know how much nutes are going in and out. It’s a must 15-20 bucks on amazon.

Let’s call in some folks to get ya some help here.


@Missiles @PurpNGold74 @PharmerBob


How old BTW and what size pot

With it on the newer growth and the yellowing starting at the base and moving to the leaf tip, it looks like iron deficiency. If your ph is too high it will lock out iron.

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Thanks for responding Jbum.

How are you watering them? This looks a bit to wet.

And yes I know phone is dying just plugged it in lol.

The plant is about 3 months old and the pot is probably a 1 gal.
I just bought some 2 gal pots to replant because I realized these babies we getting a little too big for their pots hahaha

Oh yeah for sure probably root bound. I would skip and definitely go to 5 gallon or bigger. Because these are not autos correct


I’d just watered them and sprinkled the leaves :grin:

Oh wow, could be a root bound issue too. Do you have a pic of the whole plant?

Not they aren’t auto.
I’ve got 5 gal here, I’ll switch then all to those.

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@Bobbydigital will definitely get you squared away. I’ve seen a bud or three of his and wow! Lol

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Wait until they are dried out though.

Lol, got lucky

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Ha! I think not sir!

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@Soapnut maybe at post limit? But I would take this time and go through the guides here and read other folks post that are growing your strain. If you need help just put the @ in front of someone’s name like I did yours.

Good luck and hope we can get this rolling for ya!


Hi there @Soapnut :grin:

It looks like the pH could be off and if it is that could be the reason for the iron efficiency like they suggested.

How often are you watering? She looks a little over watered but if she’s root bound she can look like that too


Thanks for the tag. N solid advise above. She looks to be soaking/drowning. How often do you water? Weed likes to ‘dry out’ a fair bit between waterings.

Also at 2-3 months old in 1 gall pots… could be the reasoning for yellowing (lower leaves) rootbound as called out earlier.

Can u take a full body photo? And rootboundness does cause ph swings. So could be a bit of all 3

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