Support during flowering

Hi all, first time grower here. I am growing a Blue Dream and Bubblegum. The Bubblegum is in its 6th week of flowering. It is producing a lot of bud (which is great) but the stems are becoming too weak to support all of it. I obviously should have planned for this earlier on, part of my learning curve I guess! So I started with pipe cleaners, which I didn’t love. Now I am using yoyos, but I already have 6 or 7 up for one plant and would need double that to support it all. That’s too many. I need another system that I can implement easily at this point during the grow. Any advice?

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Plant stakes

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Hey, thanks. Thought of that but where on the stem would I attach it? Don’t want to interfere with the bud. Using what to tie together. Plant clips? twist tie?

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You can do the stakes like mentioned above, and run string/rope from one to the other. This way the heavy branches will be supported by the rope.

Like this, the red being the rope/string. Just run across to support any falling branches


Ahh, thanks @Dave101. That’s smart. Sort of creating a homemade tomato cage. I’m going to rig one up tomorrow!


U ca also put one or 2 by the middle and just tie small rope around a branch and tie it to the steaks but the 4 post way is better for sure. Just use twine as a kinda scrog deal

Thanks! I think this is what I need to do. Holy cow! How big is that planter? Is that 8 gallons? Where do you buy the stakes at?

A silica product can help stiffen up plant structure. I hold my heavy buds up with yoyos.

@Wyldepurplewizard That’s just a random picture from the internet. I get the bamboo stakes from my local garden center.

I just purchased some yo yos but I don’t know how to attach them to my grow tent (I posted the question) and secondly when should I attach the yo yos? (Also posted in original post)