Supplementing sunlight with grow light

I live in cajun country where its 90+ degrees and 90+ humididty. I PLAN to have 5 plants in pots. I want to put them outside in the morning until 11:00am or until temps pass 85F. Then bring them inside during peak temperature hours. When and/or if the temp drops before the sun does Ill putt them back out. This combined will give me 20/4. Is this method OK and what problems may I incur if any? Thanks for any feedback

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What do you plan to light them with indoors? Other than bringing bugs in, I don’t see any other problems as long as you have decent light

Mars Hydro 600w. No tent though. Im growing autos so Im hoping the 600 can handle the growth.

You’ll get a lot more light outside, I would leave them out as much as possible.

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Even if it’s in the shade you’ll get more light.

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How about setting up some fans? Save time, and back.

I’ve moved mine outside totally!!
In old shed at night for dark time growing autos so it’s working so far. Tent was too hot and this is free :blush:

Im thinking same the same thing. Thx