Supplementary Nutrients

I’ve just started my first grow. My local hydro guy set me up with Heavy 16 Veg/Bud. He didn’t sell me all the other supplementary nutrients. It seems like every line has the same setup. How much of a difference do they make? I’m a newbie to this all, but I want killer bud over everything else.


They definitely make a difference but keeping it simple in the beginning is best
You can always add them once you get a handle on everything
Do you have all the meters ect ?


@stale like @Countryboyjvd1971 said best to K.I.S. , There’s alot of simple instruction 2-part (meaning 2 containers) and 3-part, nutrient kits availabe for purchase, People at brick-and-morter shops often take advantage of first time growers that come in looking for knowledge and guidance, and just sell them something that they dont need now to get the quality buds you’re looking for. So it’s always important to do a little homework on the subject first. What kind of System are you running? You said “Hydro guy”, but hydroponic stores sell all types of grow mediums. DWC? Ebb n Flow? Flood trays?

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