Supplemental Lights in a 2x4 tent, are they wotrth it?


Hi Guys and Gals,
Just getting set up for my first grow.
I have a 2x4 tent and will getting the Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit for it. I was just wondering if any of you would ever consider supplemental lighting using the Kind LED Flower Bar Lights 3 ft macro A on each side of it or would that be way overkill with no benefits?


For answers on lighting on this board, @dbrn32 @1BigFella @MAXHeadRoom and @Niala are the ones to tag and ask.


If I was going to do something like that would just diy something using Cree xpe he in 660nm. If I wasn’t going to diy would probably go with a fluence ray light in the pr spec.

The difference there is that you can diy something for around $100, and the other options are quite a bit more. In my opinion you’re not going to see big enough results to justify spending a couple hundred bucks or more.


Thanks again dbrn32,
I guess I should just experiment with the QB first and go from there then. Just saw Matty Bear’s grow with the boards. Looking really good!

Thanks for your advice!!


Yep, that’s what I would recommend. Get a grow or two underneath them, and then you will have an idea of what you’re looking to do from there.

You’re going with the 260xl kit right? That will have space for a third board. Not that you particularly need a third board, but I’ve been expecting a 90cri option from them for a while. If we see that in the future would be super easy to add some reds.


Yeah, it’s the 260XL kit. That red board would be nice to get down the road for sure! Thanks again, great info!


It’s technically not red. Just shifts that end of light spectrum from peaking around 600nm to around 640nm. But that’s an increase in red wavelengths.


Hi dbrn32,
Thanks for all the prior info. I have the QB260 xl going in the 2x4 tent and after a week, I am impressed. I am now thinking of getting a 2x2.5 tent for vegging. I was also thinking of getting the QB 135 Kit for it. The 3000k is currently doing great but would you go with the 4000k for vegging or would you stick with the 3000k?


Probably 4000k if you plan on vegging in it. New light will be out in a few weeks that could save you some cash. Should do good job in that space, check out hlg-100


Thanks again! 4000K it is

I just went ahead with the 135. I like the dimming feature that it comes with also.

I really appreciate your advice. I am now set up with quality equipment. Thanks for saving me from buying the MARS crap that I was about to get back then. Will never look back.


I have that same 135 QB. You’re gonna love it!


You’ll be golden with that. Just throwing an option out to save a few bucks if you wanted it. 288 is really good in 2x2.


Thanks, always good to hear nice comments from somebody that has one!


Thanks, I can’t wait to get it going!


No problem, keep us posted.