Supplemental lighting

Looking for a little supplemental lighting for the outside edges of my 300lr specs they are in a 4x4 tent lights are 26 Long tent is 48 so I would put one of these on each end then spread the 300 L’s out a little for even light distribution , do you think these would be sufficient


Do they have any documentation to support the claim of 2.7 umol/joule? Otherwise I would be skeptical they are that good.

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This is what they have on their site the par readings are for a six light setup

I see a couple of red flags in their claims.

There’s no such thing as a 4000w LED.

Implying the 2235 model is more effective because it is “2 times bigger than the LM301B” is a silly argument. The size of an LED does not define the efficacy of an LED.

Power draw is 130 watts. Claiming it is a 4000w light is a claim that defies the laws of physics.

I wouldn’t trust them.


130 watt light only claims to be 1500 LED Watts the other is for a six light setup that makes one like that’s what their par chart shows

There is no difference in watt based on where it comes from. That is what MidwestGuy is saying.

That is almost 800 watts consumption. Pic below is verified from third party test facility on 630 watt led fixture that runs 2.8 umol/joule

You should use those as your supplemental lighting and find a primary light from a trustworthy company if you can afford to upgrade

I am at the top of the post I have put that I have two 300 LR specs and a 4X4 tent I want these to light the 11-in spacing at the end of my 300 l there 26 the tent is 48 so if I put one of these on each end and spread the lights out through the middle that will give pretty average coverage because my ppfd drops off a couple hundred at the outside perimeters of the lighting on the two outside edges only want to use these for supplemental lighting to bring the ppfd up a little bit for perimeter light I already have great main lighting just another 300 or 260 wouldn’t fit in the tent very efficiently and I couldn’t see spending $500 on two sabers thanks for your thoughts and help I truly appreciate it

I understand it wouldn’t be as efficient as an hlg or have as good of diodes but do you think it would be decent supplemental lighting seems was reading up on those sanan2235 chipssupposedly they have some newer flip chip technology that makes them a little better and last a little longer not sure if you know anything about that I’m not too savvy on it but what I’ve read seems to make sense so bottom line do you think it would be a decent supplemental lite

I just meant from standpoint that their claims seem off in comparison to performance. The flip chip technology isn’t really new anymore, and doesn’t substantiate any increase over competitors.

What I gathered from reading is that the 2235 diodes are often used in burple builds.

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Thanks for your thoughts and input I appreciate it

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