Supplemental CFL Lighting


I have 2 300w LED grow lights (Mars and Vipaspectra) im only using one right now, and i want to add a few CFLs around my plants

What i want to know is how you all add them… so far i have found this … the 2 way light socket [Web site](Web site)

So then i would need to some extension cable by the foot and attach it to this? ====.>[Web site](Web site)

how do you all rig it?


I went to walmart and bought a $4 drop light, then removed the shield and installed the splitters…had 4 cfl’s going in each drop light for a total of 92 actual watts per drop light… did this by installing splitters on either end of the first splitter to make it a four bulb fixture.

I am using 2 marshydro led’s right now,…thinking of building a grow box and then adding my cfl’s to the mix with my led’s just to get more par down low in my plants


Thanks oak… I’ll try Walmart… When you say drop light do you mean like a mechanics lamp the kind that have a cage around the bulb and a hook?


yeah…exactly that…then just remove the cage