Suppercloset bubble flow buckets

Does anyone use these

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How do you clean these during grow
Ppm keeps going up and ph going down
Hydroton dust stuck to everything

Welcome to the forum…
Here is a thread that might help. I have not read it all.

I believe @Nicky or @Not2SureYet use similar to thhis setup

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Welcome to the forum. I check those out. They look more like a hydro set up. @Myfriendis410 may be able to help some. Or maybe @Bogleg may have some in site. Our autopots are a little different than this set up.

The most reliable set up is hydrofarm. Start with an aero garden type setup. Easy to copy. Use a submersible adjustable fish tank heater < 80 F and the new full spectrum LEDs without fans (no heat) and a good aerator.

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