Supersoil Australia


Hey mate. I don’t know how to private message.

Growing on Ozland as well.

You sent me a while back a super soil and I just wanted to ask a few things.

Do you need to amend it at any point or does it last the entire grow?

On their website they say to use the super soil only on the bottom of the pot and to use normal potting mix on the top, how did you use it?


Exactly as described. Lasted, water only through an extended veg 15 weeks+ Then I fed in flower.
Very happy with the results, more than a pound from 6 plants, with 4 x 280 qbs.

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Welcome, always good to find another Aussie grower! :sunglasses: :+1:

Ooh sick.

And sorry to be a pain but how did you feed it? Just add more super soil to the top? Information online is very confusing. I’m planning my next growth and I’m going to try soil instead of coco and bottles nutes. This whole flushing has been a pain to get right :joy:

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