SuperSilverHaze reg femapoloooza

Just kidding yo @4play. I just worry about your twisty fuses if a tree hadn’t fallen on our porch we would have them too. Where do you get them. I had a bulk pack from Walmart I never opened so I tried to return them and they were removed from their computer system.

Lowes or Home Depot always has em… im devising a plan to get the electrician across the street look at it and hook it to the main for me . Tryin to find out if he smokes without askin him.Ima B safe

@ktreez420 i was hopin you would answer my questions from above about what to do with the reson covered scissors and glove tips after trimming bud’s oh and is it best to put the clippings bag in the freezer directly without any drying? Popcorn buds and all?

Wipe the scissors and freeze the glove then peel off resin. Remember the California resins? I head it through the hash line. Tell us how ya hash goes. I like to make coconut oil Tasty. I didn’t drain it so I wouldn’t waste any still tastes good. No I used ground buds for that. I did drain butter messy. Was thinking I’d try qwiso next

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Ask him if he thinks the regular show is funny. If he says yes then he gotta smoke

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Hesitant to give these sprouts a nap in the next few days. I don’t want them to stretch anymore they seem a bit too tall for me.

Bury it up to the leaves. That’s how I transplant.

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Ya i remember the California Rasins. They were popular when i was around 9-10 of age in the 80’s lol me and my skateboarding Posse of 9 yr olds snuck out at 2 a.m. and got caught out in a rain storm. We put our change together and got a box of garbage bags. We cut a head hole and arm hole and we wore them like rain ponchos, We then skateboarded home in the rain down the middle of the city streets at 3 a.m. with the black garbage bags on and we dubbed our little posse the Loyal Royal Rasins lol Cracks me up :joy:
Wow bro thanks for turning me on to the Coconut oil and qwizo! Thats awesome stuff i gotta try. My wife will love the Coconut oil/butter since she is a bit of a health nut she doenst like amokin much, like 2 hits one maybe twice a week if she has a headache . Cant wate to try that stuff.
I didn’t have much luck with removing the resin from gloves. I dont think i had much on the gloves cuz i held the stem while i trimmed mostly. So i just sucked the glove tips like a dirty little freak lol The scissors i ended up scraping into a ball and placing on top of a bowl of swag. It turned out very pleasant. Im still meltedbinto the couch with a nice taste in my pie hole

What do you mean nap? Is your plan to Turn off the light to stop the stretch? I would move the light closer. To me stretching at this stage is your hungry baby saying i need more light and im gonna go get it! Lol move the light closer AND OR LST. Lst will stop the stretch , strengthen little stem and speed up growth . I have done LST with a little seedling about a week older than yours that was slow growing and it helped it alot. Started growing faster and stem got stalky lol stronger

Oh no. Got tired of saying daily dark period so I put my babies down for a little nap. This auto seems growing faster than last one. Worried height of light for auto is gonna fuddddgggge up my regs

Loved my raisin toys from Hardee’s lol. Yeah with the oil I ground up some buds and decarbed it. Slow cooked it then poured it back in oil jar. Didn’t strain. Then ate it with a spoon lol. Had a nice toasty nutty flavor. And it had weeeed in it.


Here’s my auto ak 60 days old


Was reading ilgm article and brought up a question I had awhile ago. What’s the deal with yield and a gram per watt?

Nice ass bud man. For 60 days thats GREAT! I want one lol

Well about your question, if thats the case i missed the mark by far lol i wish i got 300-600 grams lol dont know what i got but i know it ain that. Soooo that being said i need about 5000 watts lol That should be enough to keep the mind at ease.imagine how hard it would be to contain that smell and how long to process it. You may have to tag one of the Big WIgs for an accurate answer on that one

Hey @Jheezy . 2 thing’s one i need you to clean up the upper lingo thanx in advance …2 Man that plant looks really nice ,Will you be entering it into the bud of the month contest ? Nice Trichomes …Hammer :sunglasses:

I think i saw your lights in a pic on Mannies grow. Looked like 4 panels. What lights are you using? Following this journal, let see the Jheezy way.Wax on Wax off Daniel son? Just felt right for some reason lol

Viparspectra 600 and erligpowht 45 off of amazon. Lil one is ahem little.

Dang autocorrect …fixed it. I guess it won’t hurt to enter

Thanx Buddy ,:grinning: Hammer