Superponics Hydro System

Has anyone had any experience in using the Superponics 8 Hydro System? I just bought this system and am planning on starting a grow with only 2 WWA plants (ILGM seeds). From what I can tell; CONS = Smallish reservoir (3 gal.), need to use trellis netting to support plants and difficult to determine reservoir level. PROS = DWC plus recirculating top feed irrigation, comes with an air pump and 2 airstones, heavy duty plastic construction, valve to pump out nute solution and attractive price making it worth a try. I welcome any comments you may have

Send it back and re-order autopots 4 or 6 much bigger yields per plant and the roots wont share the same reservoir .

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Thank you @yoshi What is the issue with the roots from multiple plants being in the same reservoir?

Plants will compete with each other for space and nutrients. Inevitably one plant will lose this competition and you’re left with one scrawny plant at best. There are exceptions but this is a good general rule to follow.

RDWC shines due to it’s having a rez. If you want to use this system I would simply add an additional rez with a float valve to top off your (existing) rez to be used as a ‘check-rez’. A chiller is almost mandatory for hydro as well.

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On the roots topic, id be leery of the small root volume unless your growing really small. My last grow, the roots overcame the 4 gal buckets " now i have 13". Short story was they got so dense it prevented good flow and root rot took hold inside because they had 0 room in there to shed anything and it became a mess. Just something to think about. Keep them small it should be ok.

I’m growing 2 WWA so hopefully they will remain compact. I have the plants at opposite ends of the Superponics 8 tray which should also help to keep the root masses apart. I’m also using the ILGM Root Protector product. Thanks @jarlax for your feedback.