Super twisty root cropping!

Just when you thought you was caught up on all the technics BAM something new comes along!

So I noticed this root a while back high in the dirt but the plant was standing tall looking great. I did manage to bury it a bit but I thought the yellow leaves on the bottom was from touching the new dirt. Well this morning went from a minor cough to emergency surgery this afternoon. She looks to be all but dead so I started digging deeper and this is what I found. Root/stem WAS in a complete curl before going deep in the dirt.

I pretty much transplanted her back into a cup but not before straightening out the root. At that point figured what do we have to loose. So she is now back in the tent madder than hell so we shall see what happens.

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interesting read

@kw_Bat Pretty much nothing I could have done huh? Up until now how no idea it was curly?

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Almost as if it had hit a hard spot and thought it hit the bottom


Not sure didn’t even realize it had done it till it was to late lol.

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Well I was not excepting much of anything out of her the morning.



Apparently she’s a trooper! She wants to produce some Jbuds!!!

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Boom Haha she Is most deffinitly a fighter

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What time is it there

6 am my friend

Ok I was thinking you was a hour earlyer its 5 here

Nope I’m Far East on the time zone lol. 5:30 every morning.

Yes she is man. I was expecting it to laid over in the cup! So super Curly Root Cropping is a thang! Buhahahaha

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Weird, too much work kill it and start a new!

Kidding nice save!

Hell ya shes going be a beast

@Not2SureYet here it is.

Shes a fighter!!!

the fighters are what I am looking for. I kill the rest. lol.

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@Skydiver did you see this?

Your wacky root u turn?
Lol yea that’s wild
Were you blowing smoke rings on her?
She got stoned and she missed it

How she doing now?

Yes we was smoking Down together is that not part of y’alls routine? Lol she is well let’s say not so droopy?

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