Super Thrive, Is it worth using?

Wondering if anyone has used Super Thrive? I’ve heard it helps stressed plants

Superthrive is great for plants in stress, cloning, and propagation including Veg cycle. I do not use it much any more because I am a big proponent of Liquid Karma.


Can I use it on flowering plants? I have some heat stress

Yes as Latewood stated. " STRESS " I quote ( Superthrive is great for plants in stress, )


I cant get ether here
thrive was on the shelf once but not anymore
Its good for feeding yeast
I crush up cheap multivitamins now
a wealth of useless information

? Whatchu talking bout lva?

Super Thrive
Its just like liquid munti vitamins
Years ago some one put what it was in hightimes i will see if a can find it


My first grow I used calcium pills and crushed them up and zinc pills…my water filter takes all of it out so I had to put it back in somehow :joy:

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lol nice
Most ppl dont know its all the same.
You can make cheap nutes from a health shop
I make rum and whisky at home and both start with multivitamins fed to yest


I would LOVE to see a rum recipe @Iva!

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If you don’t use “super Thrive” use B-52 instead - both are great B-1 supplements !