Super Soil Yae Or Nae?

Here are some specs: I plan to germinate blah blah have transplants ready to plant into the ground by at most mid-may. I’m experimenting with Mango Kush and Northern Lights. My concern is with nutrients. I don’t want to get all those ph meters, nutrients, etc… I want my plants to be able to thrive off their nutrients they receive from the soil. So, I’ve read up, and fox farm products seem to be something I can plant directly into, and will offer tons of nutrients for its early-mid stages of growth. However, that will be about 2/3 the soil(in a hole I will dig for individual plants). The bottom third will be Kind Soil, a little bit more nutrient packed less friendly to seedlings and young plants, growing medium. If anyone knows anything on this and how deep I should dig my hole in the ground for root space and about these soils, I’d appreciate some insight.

I can’t wait to see how this goes. Have u heard of SOHUM? It’s a living soil. Right now I’m trying fox farm straight, SOHUM straight and then some mixing with a different soil. I def read that even fox farm ocean and forest can be to strong to start from seed. SOHUM def. Is. When my neighbor plants outside he does 3x3 dig

Interesting. Fox Farm has more availability to me, so maybe I do a top 1/3 layer of the hole of SOHUM, and fill the bottom 2/3 with fox farm ocean Forrest. Let me know how your different soil experimenting goes.

Did a supersoil grow for my first grow. I followed this recipe from subcool. It makes enough to fill 3 7gallon growbags/pots 1/2-1/3 then fill the rest in with good soil I used happy frog for my base for my super soil and top soil.
Make sure you “bake” the supersoil for 30 days to kick off microbial growth. You are still going to need to mess with pH. To keep the soil and its nutrients available to the roots you need to pH your water to 6.2-6.5 I did end up using some nutrients mostly during flower though I am sure that the soil was good enough but I neglected my pH levels for most of the grow. So once I started pHing my water I started mild nutes from Aurora called roots organics , buddah grow and buddah bloom. I have not decided wether ornot to do another supersoil grow. Possibly gonna do a supersoil grow with some with no nutes added and then do the rest of em in good soil and a nutrient regimine. We will see.
Happy growing sorry for the long post on your thread doing a bit of thinking outloud here .

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@Growit Instead of using that mix, which seems quite meticulous to make, I think I’ll purchase some of the fox farm and other super soils and use different amounts layered in a 3x3 hole. Although, do you still have to cook these pre made super soils? I have a black turn composted that gets hot when the weathers nice, would I just cook it in that?

Anything pre bagged is usually ready to go. But your plants need a lot of nutrients during flower cycle. So if you are looking at a grow with out any support nutrients it is best to have a really well built super soil in the bottom half of your pots or holes.
Other wise plan on at least doing some organic fertilizer just before and during flower. If you use really good organic soil and pH your water properly and do not over or under water they will thrive through veg but once you hit stretch in flower you will not have enough nutrients in the soil to get you through flower if you want a healthy substantial yield.

Check out kind soil if you don’t know about it. This stuff is really potent and I figure I fill my hole about 1/2-1/3 full of this, it’s got every microbial nutrient and nutrients you can list. I think it also has fertilizer. And then topping the hole off with 1/2-2/3 fox farm ocean Forrest or I was recommended SOHUM soil that is friendlier to plant directly into. Although, I haven’t complete ruled out nutrient feedings, it’s just not a course of action i’d prefer. If I have to, what is your recommendation for ratio and product for nutrient feeding. Also, I was wondering about supporting the plant as far as tomato caging with lateral string or soft wire running through to support. Or a mesh around the top of the cage?

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Tomato cages are a terrible idea. I did it. What happens is the branches go through the cage, lay on the wire and then when they start to get heavy, break off. I’m going to use large pvc drain pipe and build a square around each plant.

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@PhantomFarmer A square? Any bindings or just four pvc pipes. What I have seen some people do is connect strings from each corner pvc pipes running over the plant. Or maybe I’ll just use a couple stakes? Also do you guys train plants at an early veg state? Is it good and how do you prefer to go about it.

Yeah, just one on each corner and then garden twine or something. It’s an idea in progress.

Anything that keeps the support away from the main center of the plant.

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My goal was the same on the first grow. I did only 4 nutes : epsom salt foliar spray
roots organics buddah grow
roots organics buddah bloom
the guano company budswell tea
I used the guano tea after they were a couple weeks after sprout
Used the grow/bloom together as recomended at the begining of flower then just the bloom with the epsom salt foliar through flower
Fed about once a week between watering

I started low stress bending and tying down after about 4-6 nodes of growth.
I only have one grow under my belt but feel that the training helped keep my growth consistant to all the branches


First one low stress training
Second one no training

So bending and staking or tying down work well
Instead of havin one big bud at the top of the plant and smaller buds on the lower branches you get big buds through out all the branches

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These plants are tiny lil autos there are some others here who have very impressive plants that are much larger with huge yields the pics are just for a general Idea of what you are trying to achieve with training

I like to cut up wire clothes hangers and make lil “candy cane” shapes out of em and use those to pin down the plant and add more as the plant grows and keep pinning it down. Once it gets bigger you can start using landscaping string or twine or what ever to keep tying down branches
The object is to have an even canopy so that the plant feeds all of its branches as much as the top of the plant. Therefore giving you beter quality cannabis and a higher yield if done correctly

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Thanks that’s great information to know now!

With using SoHum soil is it safe to use fox farm bloom with it? I have been using just SoHum soil from seed to harvest should i be mixing regular potting soil with SoHum soil? I want to have a bigger yeild next grow. I am currently using scrog method with 600 watt mh/hps in 3x3 tent.