Super soil options

Any super soils i can use for weed? No nutes will be added just the supersoil and water? Help need options for super soils something where i can grow in in only water

I know some growers use KIND soil.
There may be some threads on it.
Here is one.

I’m on my second grow with A Pot for a Pot that is advertised on this site. I like their kits, and they have great customer service. As a bonus, each kit comes with a $40 off coupon for an order of ILGM seeds.


Ok will that be enough nutrients until harvest tho

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That’s what they say, and I’ve been good so far. Feel free to contact them and ask questions.

Imo if you want the best experience you should be prepared to do some teas or top dress. A guy that I respect a lot recommends buildasoil, I would check them out.

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