Super soil:::is this possible?

I went to a local grow store. They had all the things you could want to grow. I felt like a kid looking at Christmas catalogs . He had soil to grow weed that did not need anything but water. Everything you need is in the soil already. It is a Michigan base company(not sure the name) Says it was used in award winning cannabis trials. somewhat skeptical. Cost was about $40 bag. Could fill 3 five gal pots, not 4. Anyone hear of such soil.? thanks

I mix my own soil. Cost me about $1 a gallon. Coco coir, composted manure/worm castings and perlite. Good for seedlings and clones for the first few weeks. Dry amendments added once a month. All I do is water…

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I’ve heard of the soil you are talking about but can’t remember the name either. Outfit out of Michigan.

There aren’t really any soils out there that aren’t going to need nutes at some point when you get into flowering.

Anything that says “time released” or “feeds for x months” or anything similar is bad news for cannabis plants.


Thanks, that is kind of what I was thinking. It was interesting tho. Has a good deal on FF soil $18 for 1.5 cu. bag. :bat: :rofl:

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There are lots of methods a lot of super soil growers use the transplant method meaning a lot of transplanting going like from one to three to 5 or 7 which was subcools method that’s how they feed thier plants

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I know the post midwest is talking about and that stuff definitely doesn’t work well. I’d be VERY skeptical of any soils that say nothing else needed.

If thats what you want look at building your own but even then you may need to still feed tea’s or top dress.

Yeah there are many brands these days of the “supersoil”

Personally I’ve used kind soil, and that was ph’d water the whole way. Now I’m on this natures living soil, which by week 3 of flower started needing various things. Calmag here, compost tea there, I’m not a dr green thumb, so trying to figure out what was wrong in supersoil was madness to me.

Literally no idea what compost tea was until like last month, but don’t get me wrong, there is quality bud to be had using these soils

This soil caught my eye and I was wondering about it. I personally like a more hands on approach in growing. I don’t like the lazy way out, just add water. thanks happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Midwest nailed it, the best super soils on the market will struggle to grow a quality plant to end of the harvest window.
Of course this depends on the plant size and the pot size but there is also a limiting factor of how hot the soil can be for it to low a plant good vegetation growth while being rich enough to feed heavily in flower.

Are you stuck on soil?

I strongly suggest coco, due to the fact you will need to add nutrients regardless so why not do it from day one and get double the harvest.

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Not stuck on soil per say, I was thinking about coco but seen this product and thought that it might be to good to be real as the try to advertise this soil. thanks for the response. happy growing :bat: :rofl: