Super Soil homemade mix

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I am using a Super Soil homemade mix.Do I need to add any nutrients along the way.I am watering in with kelp.

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Well it all depends if your soil is made with and if its hitting all the n-p-k buttons also if your plants look healthy Question does the kelp your using have a salt factor you should be aware of ive never used kelp so i’m curious if so you made need to flush out salt build up in soil .

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You shouldnt need to add anything if soil is mixed properly
Ill tag in @garrigan62 he makes his own super soil

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thanks everything looks good up to this point. I will check in later.

this a good advice, thanks:)

Good afternoon friends I have a question on ventilation . I am using a repeat cycle timer on my exhaust fan. Set to turn on and run for about 7 minutes then turn off for 40 minutes. That seems to keep my temperature humidity in correct range. Will that work as far as air circulation goes. A little bit about myself I have always been a outside grower. Unfortunately living in one of the states that don’t like what we do. Getting harder to find those perfect spots. I usually just load my pack with everything I need and hit the trails till I find those perfect openings .too many houses now makes it hard to get from point A to B without being noticed. So I am trying my first grow inside. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

Hey there im also in a not so friendly state and moved indoors
As far as exhaust fan goes most of us run them 24-7
Warm moist Stagnant air indoors will be a breeding ground bud rot and or wpm neither one is a good thing lol
You can cycle your intake fan with timer if your are using one but exhaust should run constantly
This also keeps room or tent in a negative pressure which helps control smells etc
I keep min of three fans in tent for circulation eun 24-7 along with my exhaust and have never had a mold issue or bud rot issue indoors
Outdoors is another thing lol

Yes I agree about the smell I have a grow tent set-up in basement exhaust to the outside. I have been noticing a little smell in the basement when the fans not running. I am in a learning curve for inside growing . I will start running fan 24/7 . What would you think perfect temperature range would be with fan running continuously. Thanks

Good morning friends I have a question. I am using a 600 watt LED light which has two switches one bloom the other vegetation. Should I only use vegetation light during vegetation or should I use both lights on. Now that I am running fan 24/7 temperature on average is running low 64 Fahrenheit to 75 Fahrenheit. I was thinking about turning other light switch on to bring temperature average up a little bit. Thanks any help will be appreciated.

I trybto maintain 78-80 in grow room
Humidity i keep around 55-60
In winter I’ll recycle my air to help heat the room but do keep filters and exhaust running 24-7 regardless

Thanks again I’m okay on humidity. I will try running both lights to get temperature average up.and again I do appreciate your advice. Thanks

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Good morning friends I have another question. I chose for my first indoor grow the Autoflower. Blueberry and Northern Light. Just wondering time frame how many days after popping through the soil to see flowering. I did get temperature up I’m running around 78 degrees Fahrenheit now. Thanks for the advice.

Good afternoon have a question was planning to add a little calmag. Is it okay to just mix in with the nutrients when I feed or do I need to mix it separate. Thanks just figuring out how to use the site. Grow is doing quite well.

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Mix away @kellydans

Thanks about six weeks away from a little outside activity being a wnc guy.

I use a kelp extract to soak my seeds for 24 hours and then into cotton. I also wet the cotton with it. As far as I know it should not have any salt content. I used to make my own extract with fresh kelp that i got from muizenberg beach.
It’s a pretty easy process. Having said that my experience with growing is 5 plants growing in the backyard. Mother nature did most of the work. I used natural insect deterrents.
Garlic etc… I have a green thumb. Growing up on a farm will do that to you.

I did not grow up on a farm I grew up around a lot of farms. Good to hear from you. I am very excited about finding this site and being accepted as part of the group. It is nice to be able to ask a question . Or share a few thoughts alone. Thanks


Good afternoon I have a question does anybody have a simple recipe that they would like to share to make CBD oil. Thanks would be greatly appreciated.

Iam a new member and grower and Iam also mixing super soil ! Lol Iam not very good at using a computer other than just surfing the web! Can you explain in laymen terms how I can post questions to your staff! Most of my answers have been answered by finding other people who had same questions as me and your staff answered their questions which answered mine! Thank you so much!