Super Snow Dog *(Manifold + LST)* Indoor. 600Super-HPS

Dan. Try to get a non lights on photo. The hps is super strong n color and doesnt give an accurate view of ur lady

ah sorry i found an amazing filter to remove it to. just forgot to do em =P

heres the difference in filter from above pic ^

Ill take some night time pics tonight soon as light goes off :slight_smile:

EXCELLENT! Looking forward to it

I figured out how to get my shitty phone to work pretty good now. - can finally focus !! :slight_smile: Night time pics will be pretty good now :slight_smile: when I get home tonight ill be interupting her cycle for about 10 mins, but she will still have a good 9 hours 45mins of darkness — (I’ve adjusted her to 10 hours, keeping her here since i’ve seen her filling in nicely this last week I flipped from 12/12 to 10/14 on 7/18/19 (6 days ago)

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NOWWW I understand the term Bud Porn :wink:

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ANY Advice on feeding at this stage?

I’ve risen the lights to 30" — I feel like this plants foxtailing a bit BUT I also have looked alot into durban walker grown around here and was told thats generally common for this strain. === Lights On temps have been 79-84. Lights off temps 75., ____< I managed to get them down to 75-76 ON and 71-73 OFF

Who is the breeder Dan?


This video is EPIC, shows everything about this bud in DETAIL.


Very nice.

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this is a pic of Theraplants grow

image image


Ahhh. Have done ur homework. I got to googling after i asked… got stuck reading bout durban poison then got on clash royale. U are right on schedule :joy::+1:t5:


I too play clash royale purp :slight_smile:

When u say shes right on schedule, how many more weeks do YOU beleive she has left? I’ve heard numerous guesses. Im wondering when to start flush.

@peachfuzz do u still think 6 more weeks, after seeing the newer clearer pics?

I feel like the hairs could turn pretty quick- my bestimation is 3-4 weeks max.

They look great. I’m terrible at guessing but I think at least 3 or 4 minimum. But could have 6 left. I wouldn’t worry about time just yet. You’ve got long enough to go that I’d be using this time to make plans on how you’ll do harvest. When you start to flush depends on what level of done you’re looking for. But usually if you start flush at the first sign of amber on buds you’ll end up around the 10% amber range.

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Thats what im aiming for. 10-15% amber.

Im seeing a larger amount of clears still than I am cloudy, and not even happy enough with how full it is. feels like 1-2 more weeks easily of just filling in, then 1-2 weeks to fully ripen im thinking. - im mapped to 4 weeks harvest, so im thinking next feeding (Which is either tomorrow, or Friday) im going to keep the tiger bloom goin

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