Super Snow Dog *(Manifold + LST)* Indoor. 600Super-HPS

Day 50 Flower Starts Today!

Having problems loading pics >_< Tomorrow ill grab the girlfriends phone (new iphone) so the camera is HD :slight_smile:

My version of “FLUSH” btw is simply stopping completely the FFTigerBloom. – I am reducing 50% FFBigBloom and slightly decreasing how much Blackstrap I prepare. — going to use FFBigBloom+BlackStrap every 3rd watering until Harvest. (Water-Water-FEED)

Seeing roughly 60% Milky 40% Clear Trichs (not seeing any Amber)
Seeing about 30-40% of pistols turning orange 1/4th of the way from tips of pistols all throughout the colas, along with a decent swell in Calyxes.

~Slightly early flush, Day 49 (was day 50 last grow). but maintaining Calcium and Potassium and micronutes from the BigBloom should compensate for lack of NPKfertilizer until harvest (Im 100% Assuming just based on previous grow, which I wasnt using FFBigBloom+Blackstrap on) so im hoping for a larger swell by the time I see about 20% Amber.

----- Only concern with timing my “Flush” is I am seeing an explosion of new white pistols right now, so im wondering if I am cutting FFTigerBloom a bit too early. I just remember the pistols changed FAST last grow in a matter of days it went from 40% orange to 90% orange.

I also have raised lights to a total of 24" from tops and have reduced hours to 10-ON/14-OFF

Estimating 2-3 weeks until harvest ready :slight_smile: (Week 9 or 10) — Could be sooner/longer, going to need some advice from you all on that end :slight_smile:

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That’s the part I’m finding the most confusing…judging the end

Day 50 Flower1 2


A ton of the upper cola leaves (Small ones) are cupping inward and downward- im not noticing slow growth or any other health issues on the plant, just this, so im THINKING its normal/not a problem? – cant find any info on google on it.

Posted on Harvest Section: How Soon til Harvest?

^ i need to focus on patience lol

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At this stage, im committing to 4 more weeks. (Feels like I should see my finish in 3-4, but we’ll see!) :slight_smile:

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Hopefully she pushes towards the end quickly. The lean maybe weight induced. U may want to support those colas before they snap branches

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yeah its bamboo time today for sure :slight_smile: was thinking i needed to do that soon

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Girlfriend suggested that instead of sticking bamboo into the soil possibly damage roots I should just use ties and tie the branches together.

The way the shape is designed this might be okay-- tying each opposite branch to each other, so if they are both heavy and falling they are technically supporting each other. @PurpNGold74

I tried that method but as the buds swelled more and more, the whole plant became top heavy and ultimately had to stake them anyways. I don’t think putting a stake in the pot had any adverse effects.


okay thats what i was thinking also, that tying it might be a temporary fix until its TOO HEAVY and TOO LATE =P im just so nervous about staking into the soil, I know the root zone is massive on this plant and I want to minimize any damage done to the roots- this is nerve racking lol

I know the HPS is a pain in the ass, anyone recommend a good filter program to use?

anyways, is a good chance to see structure and foliage.— I have super-CHOPPED/Defoliated nearly every plant i’ve ever grown, this is by far the highest amount of leaves i’ve let remain lol but im happy with it, it’s powering the bud growth well. —

I have a slight confession… and this is a MAJOR confession. ---- The True Saga of this plant.(And True Lineage!)

  • At the start of this, I was 100% Convinced this was my SuperSnowDog plant, I ran 12 originally but only kept 5. - The remaining 7 plants were placed in a bed outside- I used a ton of FoxFarmHappyFrog Soil (was almost 6 large bags) – and this one, was the one to “RECOVER” Outside. - I had originally had 2 plants that I dug up and brought in in this one container, the other did not survive the transplant well and I made the decision to abort her :frowning: Dramatic Music Plays ----- It comes to be, that this plant is in face my Durban Walker Strain; Durban Poison Skywalker OG. - I had a mix of Lemon Skunk, Durban Walker, and SuperSnowDog. (My favorite 3 strains! :slight_smile: — I just misjudged which one was the one I REMOVED — . SO, say hello to Queen Durban Walker :slight_smile: — as en ending to this beautiful story, the SSD I removed has been revegging outside this entire last 7 weeks and is 4x the size of this one now, with 4 arms. - going to bring her in after this one is done :slight_smile:

^^^^^^^^^ :slight_smile:

Yay more weed! That Durban Walker sounds like a sick cross… hows she smoke and smell???

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I wish this problem for you bud lol

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The smell is what gave it away- the room is LIT right now- its actually overwhelming the entire attic lol

  • the smell is very unique to durban poison with an almost gasoline skunk smell with an almost berry undertone that comes from the skywalker OG - I havent sampled any yet, im going to wait until first sign of amber then im going to snip one bud and give it a 2-3 day dry.

  • the smoke is very strong, its always an instant head high that lasts for a good 2 hours. - a very HAPPY high is the best way to put it. - this and the Lemon Skunk are very similar, both pack the same punch- seed came from 31% tested through dispensary, which im not too well read on if when growing the same seed does that neccisarrily mean the POTENTIAL THC % is going to be 31% or close to it everytime? or is that its max potential?

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Fed Today-

  • 4 Gallons Water
  • Tigerbloom 4 teaspoons
  • BigBloom 8 teaspoons
  • BlackStrap 2 teaspoons

Workn on strappn them up


Incoming Night Time Pics!

Please follow along with: The REAL SuperSnowDog- By danman2cool. - Flower Day 1!


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