Super Snow Dog *(Manifold + LST)* Indoor. 600Super-HPS

I have been keeping a basic video journal for personal experience, but im wanting to reach out now that its legal in my state =P

I started my first thread here: First Grow, Need Help! - Tons of Pics + Details!

Ill move pics over here and weekly update with new pics and new details :slight_smile:

Day 14 Flower (Since Pistols Showing)


Gonna take pics of setup today. - (Day 17) - then i’ll update again on (Day 21)

Have seen some excellent growth in only 3 days! :slight_smile: — she is getting HAIRY. shoots have risen slightly, nodes continue to stack very well!! :slight_smile: (have gained an average of 3 nodes on each shoot.


To give you a better layout plan of my setup ive provided the first picture shows the Flood+Drain system, I use a ShopVac to drain the basin after feedings. =P Works well.

Trying to get closer up pics to show bud sizes, email is slow as hell with sending from phone camera. =P (Soon!)

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===== Meanwhile, these are 3 pics from my first harvest grow with this identical setup, straign was CDB Purple Pineapple Express=======


ooooook, finally got them to load.

Today is technically the start of Day 18. so these are 4 days difference in growth.


Day 20 Flower----- These buds are gonna be huge!

To my surprise, the “Stretch” really has only affected the secondary shoots (Little shoots stemming off the 14 cola’s i’ve created— the colas themselves havent gotten much taller Yet — last grow i felt like the stretch continued into week 5, so its early) — After looking closer, these secondary shoots have grown 2-3 more bud sites on each, STACKED very tightly. — have hit this with 2 feedings of FFTigerBloom which im thinking has everything to do with these results.

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That’s cool! I can’t wait to see her progress :grin:


Me Too! :smiley: Feel very hopeful this will be my best harvest yet from a single plant :smiley: Signs are looking great


EVENTUALLY i’ll have way better pics to show— hard with the HPS light, im gonna wait to take night time pics for week 6+ and eventually take some great HD pics during final weeks of flower / harvest / and curing :slight_smile:

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My Humidity right now is ranging from 47%-54% (I hate seeing it above 53 in flower…)
My Temps right now are ranging from 73*(Cannot get it any lower) to 84*

When my lights are off, its a steady 73*, humidity 47% - I run my dehumidifier when lights go off!
When my lights are On, it’s a steady 77-81* depending on the temps outside, highest I saw was 81*
HOWEVER< My Dehumidifier timer switch is weird i’ve gone in there and seen the lights AND dehumidifier on at the same time, so until i get a new one, I have to MANUALLY turn it on/off >_<

WITH the dehumidifier ON and Lights ON my temps sky rocket to 84* (highest i’ve seen so far) and Humidity settles around 48-50%

----------- I FEEL Like this is actually OKAY. ------ but im wondering what I can do to make the settled %'s more constant.

----------- In replace of Co2, I smoke ALOT in my room, every day lol =P Natural Co2 does the trick =P ---- On Hot Days, I tan in there and smoke WAY MORE :smiley:

EDIT: Adding: Forgot to mention, when we get into weeks 6++ of flower I can drop the humidity to 30% by increasing dehumifidier settings :slight_smile: — and surprisingly it doesnt effect the temps in any drastic way. — Thank god for the random handmedown dehumidifier =P

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Day 22 Flower (Night Time Pics) :slight_smile: — can see so much better what I mean by the “Secondary” shoots growing and adding bud sites :slight_smile: BUD SITES GALORE! :slight_smile:


@everyone … i’m new here, but im hoping some experienced growers can let me know what ya think. - Good or Bad, any/all feedback is appriciated :slight_smile: it’s my 3rd grow ever, so I know I have a ways to go on tweaking my setup and techniques :slight_smile:

Im HOPING to pull a minimum of 2 ounces dried. (Thats the dream) but given my previous grows, I feel like i’m on path to potentially pull 3 ounces if everything goes right. — this also will be my first grow ever using a bloom booster (Fox Farm Big Bloom). — My FIRST Grow ever I pulled 1.6 ounces dried with using veryyyyyyy shitty nutrients from walmart (Miracle Grow crap) ----

This time I started with veg outside, very minimal nutrients (gave blackstrap, apple cider vinegar, egg shells, and a 2-1-1 Mountain Veg Nute (premixed basic grow nute from local headshop) )

Once I hit flower (Day 14) I fed FFTiger Bloom. ---- I plan to add FFBigBloom to my feeding schedule by week 4/5 (Would start it right now but Im only planning to use 1 bottle and dont want to run out before final flush)

Every Feeding im using 5 gallons of water.
Every Watering im using 30 liters of water


She is looking really good so far!


Thank You :slight_smile:


CRAZY thing I noticed, when I bent the arms down I had to supercrop the left side because the branch wouldn’t give and I didnt want it to snap on me… I notice a SIGNIFICANT difference in size between the entire left and right arms.

Left Arm, Strong Arm :smiley:

I’ll take closer up pics of the knot it made in the future. (Supercropped Day 1 Flower)


ugh, tried to just edit above pic to add this, but i passed the time limit~

Wanted to add that those Twist Ties in the center are there so i can see if they move at all from the weight of the arms becoming too much, and offer a small amount of support.

Eventually going to put in some bamboo to hold up both arms when the weight gets to be too much :slight_smile: (Anxious for that day, Bamboo is ready and waiting =P )

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Out of curiosity I went through the entire plant, from top to bottom, counting the bud sites. There are officially 280 Well Established bud sites (Give or take a few).

I am wondering, is there a calculation that could be made based on # of bud sites? =P

1 bud site = 1/4th a gram dried (Semi-Realistic)
so, 280 * .25 = 70 grams?
70 grams / 27 grams = 2.5 ounces?

Rough guess ^ ? =P

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Gonna throw another 3-day update when the lights go off soon. :slight_smile: Exciting differences, branches have grown taller (noticeable when comparing older pics, and personally i stalk them every hour of everyday, so i know what they are doing lol) its awesome that 1 of the branches has grown taller then its sister-branch. (They are in competition :smiley: ) and there flooding more budsites! :smiley:

EDIT: *I’ll do my best to take identical position pics each update. so we can see exact locations movements over-time :slight_smile:

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Day 25 Flower :slight_smile:


It’s gonna be about a week now til I can give next updates- Have family coming tomorrow and Im not gonna be too much in the garden, everythings pretty much flowing on Auto-Pilot at this point- =P Stay Tuned! :slight_smile: