Super Sliver Haze

Just got my seeds the fertilizer are sold out. Any other suggestions where to purchase. For indoor grow what type of lights do I purchase?

What type of soil did you plan to use?
What size space are you going to grow in?
How many plants did you want to grow?

I don’t know what soil to use they are sold out. I’m growing in an apartment I wanna have 2 plants.

I’m on week 2 in and the leaves are drupping and turning yellow. I have a 600w LED over them. What does that mean?

Looks like overwatering. Also make sure to ph to around 6.5 for soil.


What tool do I need to check the ph? How often should I give them water I currently give the water every other day.

A ph meter and ph up and down solution.

Ok thank you.

Thank you. How often should I give them water?