Super Skunky super sticky icky

So I wanted to go old school strain and bought some super skunk. Im 47 years old and it has been so long sense I have smelt and smoked some good scunky bud. Im just a couple weeks out before I harvest these beautiful specimens. Not bad for my first RDWC grow


WOW nice looking buds

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Great looking flower. You will be very happy come harvest :wink:
Happy growing…

Beautiful girls

Just wondering if you ended up with that smell and taste? I’m growing it now with fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

The taste is amazing. Not as skunky as I remember but he’ll that was 25 years ago and skunk bud was the shiz

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Right, if it even comes close, I’ll be happy ! Thanks, giving me something to look forward to

Did any of these not frost up till the last week or two ? One of mine is doing that


Looking real nice, cant wait to see how they look right before harvest

Good work Bro