Super Skunk x Purple Star, Hydro Grow #2

lol in the immortal words of …YOU! …i think this time around i am more equipped to…

lol thanks bro …hope all is well!..I am seeing some yellowing but because its just the top of the plant im leaning towards light stress over a nutrient issue so i brought the power down to 40% from 60% just incase …although my PPMs have been on the high side, i think i will do a flush tomorrow just in case ive let the bathwater get a lil too hot!

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well its time to move her into the 4x4 the 2x2 just cant contain this beast…i was really hoping to get more than a months use out of the 2x2 im a bit disappointed, reflecting bacck on the purchase of the smaller tent i should have put the money elsewhere and just started out in the 4x4 , live and learrn right


Grow smaller plants, my friend. You’re putting me to shame. :joy:


HAHAHA ya killin me . i am treating this plant like a test subject in a horrible experiment. doing all those things i was afraid of like chiropractics, feeding super aggressively, high stress training etc.

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just spent the last 8 hrs clearing out the bedroom closet and pulling out all the wall mounted shelving and getting tent up(i thought putting the 4x4 up in a room was difficult, i just put it together in a 5x5 closet and im pretty sure i invented a few new swear words) fans in place and wiring handled. the 4x4 fits like a glove…unfortunately i took too long and missed the lights off deadline so i cant do the actual move until tomorrow


@spyonyou its happening again!..and im losing control over her. man i see myself slipping right back into old mistakes lol


Haha! All I’m seeing a is a monster plant developing. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:
What do you feel like the problem is?

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i just feel like im doing the same thing i want to defoliate but another part of me just wants to let her run wild …im thinking i need to trellis …i guess thats my biggest issue yo yos have gotten me this far but its getting out of hand again…this is how it all went bad for me last time and i ended up with a lb of smalls from the deep lol, i just need to be more active about the canopy and somehow i seem to fail at keeping it all level. is it too soon tyo trellis i mean im already thinking about flipping to flower shes already filling up that 4x4

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I like a more firm scrog that doesn’t bend too much, as compared to the trellis nets. I made mine with 3/4" pvc screws and string (3" squares), For a 4x4, I would use 1" pvc. with screws and string.
You can attach it to your tent poles using zip ties like this:

The zip tie on the poles are just tight enough so I can slide them up and down the poles as needed.

If it were me, I would trim everything off of the bottom third of the plant.
Thin out some small branches that won’t make it to the net.
Thin out some large leaves blocking the light near the top.
Flip the lights and put a scrog on within the next 2-3 days.
Let the scrog set down about an inch or two and start tucking branches to keep it all level.

Prepare a second scrog.
Over the next two weeks, continue to tuck and train, (may have to use ties to hold her down.
About the time the first bud site start to show, I would put the second scrog on, and adjust the height accordingly. Usually not too much tucking after that. They may continue to stretch a little more.

Here is an little visual example of how rough I get…lol

7-9 before defole:

7-11 after defole and adding scrog:

Flipped on 7-17: 2 days later 7-19

Two weeks later 7-31

Ok here’s one more…lol

Before defol


After defol


Finish product


Hope this helps some. You got this! :+1: :sunglasses:


that is absolutely beautiful!


heck yah thanks for the visual, i love your setup spy it looks so clean and organized like you could perform surgery in there.