Super skunk super FRUITY

I grew super skunk before without having Zkittlez in the tent. I think the terps rubbed off on the super skunk cause its super fruity instead of the earthy and pepper. Has anyone experienced this?? I sitting here smoking some samples and im amazed lol. I grown ssk and the terps are so differnet??? This round ???

Never heard that officially but if one plant was very strong and the other weak I’m sure it’s slightly possible… They might just have similar tastes and your stoned lol


Im always stone. The zkittlez has its own terp profile as does super skunk. I been growing super skunk for 6 yrs. The terps are so different this time around its mind blowing growmie.

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Off topic but- How fruity exactly is the fragrance of Zkittlez?
I remember smoking some extremely fruity smelling flower years back and it was always my favourite, I’ve been chasing that distinct fruity smell ever since.
Thinking of buying some ILGM Zkittlez & doing a pheno hunt because of the reason above.


(I wish I could remember the strain) it might’ve been THC Bomb, or a headband related strain.

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@Connoisseur. The terps are so fruity like wringles stripe gum the one with purple zebra really good stuff. Ilgm hooked it up no herms.

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Did any of the skunk wait till the last minute to frost up ? One of mine is also growing so fast it’s not firming up

any final pics?

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No srry just getting use to all this posting thing @randall67davis