Super skunk smell

Outdoor super Skunk Smell, should I be concerned?
planted april 17th did real well and smelled like super skunk very strong week 3-8 into the grow and now don’t smell as strong to me, I mean you can still smell it a little but seems like it should smell like someone ran over a skunk farm right? Maybe its just me? Bottom line they smelled stronger to me when they we’re younger, should they smell stronger now? Posted pics of the beginning to current. Thanks for any advice and input

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Beautiful! Very nice!
I have the same issue. Girl Scout cookie extreme,My plant is going into the 4th week of flower, and sometimes the entire basement smells, and sometimes I can barely smell the buds 2 feet away.


Oh nice looking plant! Really nice buds… can’t wait to hear from some of these long time growers that can shed some light on this for us. I just want to know that the bud will still be good and strong and then I don’t care if it smells or not really just don’t want to waste more time and money on the plants if it ain’t worth it, if you know what I mean.

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White Widow is one no smell indica. People smell it and go…it has no smell. After they smoke it…they dun care about smell no more.
WW was developed in the age of “War on Drugs” and stealthy was essential to staying out of jail.
However, if you want to smell skunk…squeeze a few buds.

Plants can go through different smell “stages” even when all parameters are ideal.

One thing you can start doing is watering in Epsom salt. 1 tsp per gallon, per plant a week.

I’ve been searching for “skunk” or “road kill skunk” for 2 years as are soooo many other growers. I have not found it, and it seems others have not. It’s a big topic online.

Good luck!

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Thanks for input

thank you for your input, I will try the Epson salt.

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What will be the benefits of using the Epson salt once a week? Is it to flush the plant or the soil? Also I read that some are using sugar at watering, is this something I should consider with my plant’s?

Thanks for the advice

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The sulphur is supposed to aid in terpene production, aka smell.

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great, thanks