Super Skunk should I prune?

I have a SS in veg and it is bushy… bushy should I prune some back?

I topped it and it grew one straight up and the two split.
I would have posted this in my journal but it wont allow me to post pics.

Thank You for your time

I trimmed some off…
It got a lil droopy so gave it some water and she has come around.
I was looking at the leaves and found one that had some… brown maybe … on the underneath of the tips. Thought it might be a fungus or mold but it did not wipe away at all. I cut the leaf part off as I only found it on one.
I almost cut it down as I dont want issues but did not want to jump the gun.
I will try and load a picture … I hope .
I started a thread on pruning said SS so if it wont I will put picture there.
High temp is 73/74 ish.

Thank You for Your time