Super skunk reveg

I’m needing some help with a nutrient deficiency on my super skunk that revegitated while beginning to flower. She’s in a 20 gallon tote with 4 air stones. She grew with dyna grow, fox farm and some aqua flakes. She was moved out of the grow room and put outside for several weeks then dragged around behind the shed and blown over by the wind. She’s the most beautiful redheaded step child I’ve ever had lmao!! Soo I kicked out the female human and put her in her own room lol! Soo she was stabilized for 3 weeks until she started to feed again. I flushed her for 24 hrs then began the first week of flowering using advanced nutrients Connisour COMPLETE product line using bud labs calculator. The first week flowering she didn’t take up many nutes. The plant has balls a million on her but the leaves are long single bladed, smooth edges and curling. Shes under a stationary 315 watt ceramic with 1000 watts on a light mover casting on her as well. The plant looks like a possible 1 pounder if I can fix this deficiency. Any suggestions would help. Here’s some pictures of my grow room with her in a tote by herself.