Super Skunk, just fell over died, help!


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m a 5 yr. Grower, I never had issues before, then all of a sudden, I get my order, I germinated them and then plant 10, 8 came up for a week and 7 so far just fell over died. I Google to find issues for it and its 80 degrees, everything is good so I don’t get it. I came across a lot of posts, post talks about seeds being diseases in seeds, its really the only explanation I can come up with at this point. I’m not a new grower but I don’t understand it. It was super skunk. And yes, I’ve read symptoms checker and basically it’s “damping off”. I thought one was going to make it but it started to die off too. It says could be grower issue or bad seeds, I’ve grown 100s of plants from seeds but never had an issue. I get this batch of super skunk and they’re all falling over and dying, I don’t get it. It was 75 to 80 degrees under a 75 watt desk lamp with some Walmart seed starter nothing special but like I said I never had problems except for the 10 babies dying. I have nothing and am scared to plant more and wasting time and $ so please help, I’m confuse. It’s not over watering issue and nothing with the soil. 2 wks ago, I started super cheese and had no issues. I used the same soil, the same investments and all super cheese are doing great. I don’t reuse seed starters ever. And to prove it’s not me, Im going to reuse the seed starter that all the super skunk fell over in and plant the white widows I got. If they live, I’m going to believe it was bad seeds I got. But if they die off, hey I guess it would be a growers error right? I’m planting them tonight so will no for sure within 2 wks, any help advice would be nice.”


looks dry, needs humidity cover of some sort. I would spray everything lightly, prop it up and cover it (clear plastic bottle cut in half)


@ILGM.Support.Becky i agree :point_up:️ with you got to be something to do with seeds or maybe a root eating grub I’ve had em before check the roots see if it’s been eaten


Idk why ,roots looking OK like good root started spreading/growing more then single root. I spray babies here or there with mist sprayer water picture was 2 days after it fell…its cheap Walmart seed starter been using it for years… Used same soil that these fell over in and did 10ww all ten poped up hopeful they will not fall too ,but really just nuts really took me by surprise I usually get 8to9 sometimes all ten make it but thanks for advice


Looks like maybe you let it dry out to much to me
You should lightly mist soil and not let the soil dry out
You don’t want to over water the soil which why misting lightly is suggested keeping the top moist


And covered to keep humidity high. You should see fog or condensation on the inside of the bottle or it’s too dry. I have also used the sprayer to just add a fine mist to the inside of the bottle too, before covering.


Again this picture is 2 or 3 days after all fell over…I stopped water after they fell they was fine with moisture… Just was trying to see if anyone had same issue with super skunk figured they may have sent bad batch I have 10 more beans from same batch scared to try them… We still doing great in same soil same conditions… So if they don’t have no issues, and I plant 10 more super skunk and fall over I have no choice but to go somewhere else to get beans…lol they don’t replace after they crack, but what if its not my fault what if they are bad batch I just gotta eat $100 of bad beans now that makes my stomach hurt


Hey @De best I can say is contact support I’m sure they want you to be a happy customer
I was just throwing my hat into the ring
And gave my honest opinion it’s also possible to over water them
I’m not in your grow room so from pictures posted this is what I saw ? Good luck
FYI I haven’t heard of anyone have this type of issue with the Iglm seeds
@Hogmaster can you take a look at this guys pictures and give him a honest opinion? Thanks in advance brother


If it helps, know that after you gave up on them, (pics) there was still green - so still salvageable. I think that is one point here, ask soon!


I’ve had the same thing happen to me with Super Skunk Reg seeds. Figured it was something I had done but my plants usually get taller before I kill them! lol But as far as cracking, I’ve had 95-98% germination success.


Yes they was green but choked off stem and fell I watched 10 beans fall over one by one nothing helped thought two would make it transplanted them but they died off in two days two all 10 same thing really I’ve done 100s of beans start to finish yrs. Of doing this and only this one time so had this issue no ones perfect but I try to be literally this shocked me in two different containers that’s why I’m on here after years of doing this is because I was shocked I was talking with customer service… Basically was told nothing they could do witch I figured anyways l, then somehow started this post for me…honestly a lot of growers would sweep this under the rug instead of talking about it because first thing people do is attack the grower in some cases may be right I guess no one can really say what happened because could be 10 issues I can think of off hand thank all u gentlemen for ur help.


You’ll notice that the site makes sure they get plenty of information (trouble-ticket) before giving advice.

Basically you have 4 options - seeds, soil, light, water. And the chance that the package of seeds got left on the dash of the mail truck while he ate lunch… or sat in a 120 degree warehouse.


No worries mate hope all goes well


I don’t think you can save this one, You could try and set it deeper into your soil and get a stiick and prope it up nd add a little water and cross your fingers.

She was striching for the light which i’em sure was way to far away. 2 maybe 3 inches away using t-5 is good.



Every plant and every strain from seed is a bit different. I had a Fruit Punch auto fall over and go limp in conditions that the BlackBerry autos liked. I fixed a plastic bag over her, lowered the heat down, got the soil moist and she recovered. Yours might not be salvageable this time, but I’d sure try next time.


Hi I’m new to this site and I’m on my 1st harvest. I need to know about what i need to do because my light messed up and the pistils are about 70 percent reddish so should I harvest now?


Without picture I would say to get her completely dark for about 24 then go for it.