Super Skunk journal #1

Dang Tom, when it rains it pours around there huh? Sorry about the old lady, good on you for helping the dogs and your plants look great as usual. I’ll keep you in my prayers man :cowboy_hat_face::pray:


I’m with the Sheriff on this one! Great grow by a great person! :nerd_face:
Plenty of good vibes sent your way sir! :smile:


Thank you, …your not lying on that, :disappointed: when it rains …not even 10mins after last post I get a call from my aunt, telling me my favorite uncle has cancer and is going to hospice today… wierd situation… my dads sister married my moms brother… sooo… were like 2moms 2 dads… and my first cousins are the same blood as me… just a tragic month… and my B-Day is next week… lot to take in…

But my girls are doing ok for now… haven’t really seen them in 3 days so I have to get over to the grow sometime today or I’ll loose them too… you all have a good day.


Best wishes and good thoughts going your way


Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine for us, until we are in our darkest place. Death comes for us all, in our due time, there is no escaping that fact. But it saddens my heart to see you being tested with so many burdens and struggles.

We are with you my friend, keep unloading your troubles, don’t let them fester.

Sending prayers and best vibes


Be Strong Tom, my deepest sympathy :pensive:


Thanks all for the kind words, it’s been a rough couple weeks, but
Some good news finally!
I’m in FLOWER!!!

Haven’t been keeping track, I’ll have to go back and see what day after flip this is…
As you can see the FF Trio on the back right is not as big as the 2 Jack’s 321… But the dam FF stock is twice a big as the Jack’s 321​:thinking::thinking: really wondering if the buds will be different also…bigger tighter???

And… then there’s this girl. Shes a clone of the top right Jack’s 321 she was out side her whole life and started budding 9 days ago… she is now in the tent with the others to finish, hope she finishes first, think she’ll be in the bong a week or two before the others!


Just a self reminder:: Day 10 of flower
Flipped to 12/12…Oct 9th


Their looking good T! Experiment having results you can see and document! The true test the bud structure and taste and head. All info considered and a new course of action moving forward! Its nice to have a front seat on your ride! Thanks for having me! :hotsprings:


Thanks Chasworks! More than welcome and glad you watching, I’m learning that’s for sure… was thinking the 2 Fim’ed are filled out with smaller fans now and the FF are still pushing the bigger fans… I’m Betting the buds on the FF are gonna be bigger and tighter… have the FF at 800- 1000 ppm nutes and no burn yet… but the dam Jack 321 I’ve hit them with 1500 and No burn… I’m in uncharted territory here Lol, but they are stretching now so well see… LOL


They are your double first cousins. I have three of those from my dads brother who married my moms sister :grin:


:joy: we always got a kick out it growing up!

Curious as to when the Super Skunk start to bring up the smell? Get a bit when you pinch a fan but as for the plant itself, you have to rub a leaf to really get a smell…

It is about mid flower

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It is when you trim them, then cure. They will smell amazing. Mine were skunky with a touch of citrus smell and fruity. I even had one that turned a lot of purple.

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Thoughts and prayers to you all. Hope your plants bring you joy.

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@Nickknowsfunny am I missing your journal? Pleas tag me in lf so! Your last pics were pretty great!

Drinking more now the stretch has started!

Side window…

Fed heavy nutes yesterday, and 14 hrs later needed to split 2 gals of plain ph’d water with diy Terpinator between them… getting there.


I am starting one with my mainlining but I don’t have one for what is in flower now.


Great please be sure to tag me in!