Super Skunk journal #1

@Teacherttom1 just got the trellis installed on the next round. Going to give them a few days then flip the lights. These are loo k ing great too. First time I havescrogged. This will be a full canopy.


Who pulled the :fire: alarm ??

:fire: :fire: :fire:

Bravo :clap: - successfully photo :bomb:d @Teacherttom1 lmao


Haha yeah I have hijacked his post a couple times!!!

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Hahah and more than welcome too!! Love the pics everyone adds! Major reasion I’m here is the commrodery!!

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Looking Great!! I took the screen out the day after. I have an update p later today! Today is a feed day!!

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Well… oops! Fed today and messed it up… the one with FF nutes got a Jack’s 321 Gallon and the Jack lady got a gal of FF nutes :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: it’s what I get for putting one of the Jack’s gallons to the side out if the way… I feed Jack’s first then the FF… so well see if I screwed the pooch on this… but… OR…maybe I just created a super nute?? :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:… Hate it but I wouldnt think it would be all that bad… although the 2 that got mixed started to droop pretty quick after… so I’ll give them a few hrs to see and go from there…


I am sure it will be okay. As long as it isn’t too strong. Do you cut in half? I gave my plants the bloom nutes for like a week in veg, didn’t hurt them. Also, while I am here, next two rounds started. I am starting the second run now too and have some nice mainlined super skunks for that run. I want them colas!!! I want to double my yield by then.


Future forest site! Lol! Looks great!
It was full strength… but there good so far! Thanks

Looking pretty boney, Lol, Frist time doing this🤦‍♂️to this extent but it’ll be ok…I

Re-thinking the scrog…Again!

But they’ve been prepped and are ready for it so I’m committed now …heck… I almost just flipped the lights and started the flower nutes they would have done ok like that but, hoping to not have grow for a bit after this, so scrogging is better!


Need to use AN B-52 during veg. The stalks will get nice and thick with it. I am giving my girls nutes tonight and I hit them hard with nutes.

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I ordered Recharge cause I’m too low on Myco+, so…for a try at something I hear great things about but havent tried yet… they should bulk up pretty soon, there I think around day 40 from trans plant … but I’ve been prunning them back on a reg to set them up for a no larf( no baby buds) scrog so it’s all above the screen… there there now so the 3rd Full nutes tomorrow and from now on!! Now it goes to a full feedings! Recharge for all first, then the Nutes regimen for the 2 on Jacks 321 and the FF Trio for the other one a couple days later, then a plain ph’d water in between.if that makes sence… Gonna start the DIY Terpinator also for all when nute time again on a reg( I found a big difference by adding 2 week before switching to flower and then all thru till harvest, instead just in flower! Some start it from the 3rd week of veg but … ) … so hopefully they’ll start bulking up to hold them big ol buds I’m looking for!:rofl: my last big stem was about an inch and a half round… held 30 oz.! Heck I’d be happy with half of that!.. hoping to prove it wanst a fluke​:rofl::rofl::rofl: we’ll see


Well here they are, after a redo of the screens to make them easier to move around individually. I may add another but prolly let the one go to see the difference…

Anyway I did full nutes for all, Jack’s and FF… with 1/2 teaspoon of Recharge… boy that stuff turns the solution Black!! But I may not buy it again as it is almost the exact same as MYCO+ minis the sulphur… Mycos+ has the same goodies Plus, sulfur+ nitrogen+soluble potash,+mag +cheated iron but Mycos+ is stronger … Recharge %'s are lower compared to mycos+… All of mycos+ bacteria is at 10% per gram as where Recharge is kelp 12%, molasses 6%, humid acids 5%
Fulvic acids 3%, amino 3% all per gram… maybe it is better? Idk … this has fulvic in it and only 2 other things other than that it’s exactly like Mycos+… and Mycos+ is only $19 compared the the 30 I just spent for 8oz. I think the lone girl in the tent will be the Guinea pig with a mix of the recharge and mycos+ in a week or so… anyway I pretty much have what’s needed to finish out this one except more Jack’s 321… I used it for my vegies and now have to order more , may have enough to make maybe 10-15 more gallons :man_facepalming:Definitely have more room under the screen this time!!


I was wondering if they would reach the screen in one of the top pictures. They are doing great. :+1:

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Thanks @Not2SureYet, I was too, Lol… but I’ll tell ya, after the first 2 full nute feedings all of them are stretching now! Think there gonna fill those screens up pretty quick… I can tell this strain has the potential of a monster tall plant, never seen so many BIG like 12"Big… fan leafs and only take 3 days for them to return🤦‍♂️covering Everything! So there definitely loving life!

I’m watching your grow. Nice !

These are my S.S photos tall one is 29 others are 26 days from sprouts

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Nice work Tom, they are coming along nicely! The scrogs look good they roll separately i suppose. :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Chasworks yes there individually movable, cheap, and works🤣. Have a wheel base for them also but haven’t used it yet.

Welcome @Good_Piff to I❤GM !! Good place to be and thanks for watching. Your ladies are looking pretty healthy themselves!

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