Super skunk grow


Looking good for only two weeks of vegetation.


The little bushy one is ww. Going to be a fat little girl.


Yes, they look cute, welcome here and Happy growing :smiley:


Looking awesome @Angieg2001 keep up the good work!


awesome start @Angieg2001
i just harvested some super skunk maybe a month and a half ago or so…it was some awesome stuff!
an old friend came by one day and i sparked some up, about 4 hits later dude was laying in the floor babbeling about who knows what!lol


Lol I got friends that do that without smoking. But it sounds promising.
Thanks for your info my friend. (Chromie) here.


When would you say the strong smell starts. End of vegetation or during
flowering? I’m growing indoors so keeping it under control is important.


Lets get @BIGE answer that :wink:


mine really started to get her stink on about 1/4 through flowering…
after that a filter needed.
i grew mine in the den,and when it came time to open tent make sure you have time to clear house with ozium or something.
now i’m in my shed no more barking about the house stinking so much…but i do get some affirmation from time to time when her nose curls and says you stink!
i smile and say, yes,yes i do!!


I was kind of thinking it would be around flowering time. I have a pretty
good exhaust system that flows out the vents in the ruff. It worked pretty
well with my ww and Sour diesel grow. We shall see. Also it is getting
colder out and I won’t have to deal with the heat. Thanks for the info.