Super skunk germanated seed days old puts tap root through peet pellet?


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ILGM Super Skunk Female, 2 of them
Jiffy peat pellet starter plugs in a domed starter tray
distilled water
75 degrees Fahrenheit
light of one t5 four foot bulb

Okay, pics uploaded now, I immediately wrapped the jiffy peet pellet with a strip of foil against the root between two peat pellets to block light on the root showing, somewhat, already about 4cm long running down the side, it worries me, the super skunk female seeds I got from here, did two for now, wow, very strong, I soaked for 24 hours, half of that time with acquarium bubbler and they hadn’t shown a tap root yet, so I germinated in a moist paper towel inside of a puckered in the middle piece of foil put into a zip lock bag, for the first time paper toweling a seed in 35 to 36 years successfully, not since I was 12 years old in 1979(jest for fun back then), and bam!, about less than 18 hours later in a room temperature environment, of 75 degrees the tap roots were out like a long ways and already curling around about three seed lengths long.

So I stick them in jiffy peat pellets, its been about a day and a half later, and a tap root on one of them poked out the side of the peet pellet about a halfways down the length from the top. This aint good, I am unsure what I should do, other than wrapping with a piece of foil and letting it just “grow” bigger as is and forget about the tap root, I am maybe sure other roots will grow into the peet pellet, or I hope it does branch out properly, I’m worried about stunting or “failure” of the plant.

But like I said, I am enthused with the genetics, these two are very strong, they had burst through the soil with about 6-8 mm in length in about a day, and I did bury them two seed lengths under the surface

I decided to share two pics of some white widow small starts I made from my strongest plants as extras put in a recycled store bought cake plastic container bottom/smaller pie clear lid as dome, as clones, in rough ground peat from the a week ago, nothing to do with the seeds.


Bud … thanks for posting, enjoy looking at the pictures!