Super skunk from start to finish


nutrients burn







I have move pictures on the way



Your doing a great job…keep it up



Thanks will I tanked them with nutrients about a month ago. I had a mag deficiency in one of them awhile ago as well.


Well you must be doing your home work cause they look great…good job ?
And keep us posted. OK ?



First grow for at least 8 years little rusty never got into it as much as know. Love how my girls have been turning out. Can’t wait to see the end result…


nice picture journal like the fact you include the usual head aches encountered through grow very few people manage a grow without having some adversity nute burn heat humidity pests and deficiencies are things which commonly occur even to highly experienced growers. Being rusty or not is simply being human good plants thrive on neglect


Thanks man! To be honest I hope to do it as a full time job some day… but don’t we all ; ) I’ve been using my phone to upload and it’s been a bicth. I have more pictures will be sitting down soon to update tgis grow and try to get more information up as well not just pictures. Just been hella bizy. I appreciate the holler.