Super skunk first time indoors


If you don’t give it 3 days of flush first you won’t get all chems out of plant


Since this is the discussion, What is your calendar like at the end of a grow? And what clues do you use for when to start?


@BigDaddyCain Inquiring minds want to know :wink:


I let them go until mostly milky tricomes. Then start my 1 week flush then split stem 4 days before I harvest, I personally haven’t noticed much change with a stem split after 4 days so to me 4 days is optimal and I don’t water any more after splitting the stem just let it dry for the 4 days then chop and hang


K my scedule at end goes when I have 1/4 amber I start my flush after 3 or 4 days then I split stem. Then for 5 days I leave them be keep them with fresh water fill ups and then I put them In The dark for two days no light at all then I cut them down wash them and let dry for 3-4 days then I do my final trim and let dry 7-10 days after that I cure for 15-21 days and then I store it in freezer and that’s it I burp during cure 3-4 times a day for first 7 days. Then I burp once a day for 7 days then last I burp every 3 days. I hope this helps. So I split mine for like a week tricombs are insane after that and the two days of dark helps to I use a lot of tricks for tricombs production that is what works for me it’s a ton more work but is worth it in end. @Whodat66


Cool, but correct me if I’m wrong, won’t most of that (except the last dark and flushes) pretty much happen anyway if I just wait?


@Whodat66 ok the reason for stem splitting and darkness is to force you plant to go into defense mode so when they go into def mode they perduce a lot more then if u just left them alone. So it’s just a way to make them more potent then if u just cut them down


Thanks @drillbit… really appreciate it. Just a bit of love (and chemicals+water) and they just love you right back :kiss: :joy: lol. I run 600w hps and a recycle system as I need to because it’s hidden. Just purchased some viparspectra 600w led’s for the next run of the same. Keep everyone posted when I get that started. :call_me_hand:t2:


Ok guys, here’s the deal. Had 3 more buds with bud rot on them. Cut them off before it spreads. Also noticed a very small patch of rot starting on my main prized cola. Split the stem this afternoon but with humidity levels at 99% in the evening times, im fighting a losing battle. Have to harvest tonight! Not gonna chance losing all or even most just to wait till I see more amber. In a perfect world, I’d wait at least another week. But the fact that every trichome is cloudy and even a few amber, im still gonna reap a grand reward. I’m actually surprised it’s made it this far. Humidity is so thick, it’s hard to breathe outside! Don’t even need rain to cause bud rot when its this bad! I will get pics of the main cola before chopping to at lest give botm a shot. Here’s pics of the buds with rot.

This is the downside to growing outdoors in the south! We are experiencing that hot humid air rising from the gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. Been constant for almost 2 weeks now! This is why I’m moving my grows indoors! Some years are horrible for flowering and other years are suitable. This is a horrible one! At least I’m getting something plus I got other plants waiting in the wing. Overall, this still will be one of my best years!


That sux I hate to see outdoor growers loose anything to bud rot.


Sorry man. That’s the game we play. I lost an entire plant last week. My advice would be to harvest the buds that are rot/mold free and look the furthest along.
And make sure to wash everything. :wink:


Ok so here she is naked. Sexy ain’t she?

Close ups of the main cola;


Nice lookin cola man :metal:


Looking good. I’m a tent guy. Not being able to control the weather would make me mental.


Looking good, @Drillbit! That must be soooo frustrating! I feel for ya. I hope the harvest went well, and that you reaped some good, clean bud from her!


Update on Indy and clones;
Indy is getting close, she is shedding her fan leaves.

Close ups:

Monstercropped bag seed clone #1

Close ups of her purple pistils and resin production;
And 2 weeks behind clone #1 is MC bag seed clone #2;


Oh and just fyi, i dropped another ss bean over a week ago. Plus got a couple of monstercropped clones from Indy as well that i will be starting a new grow journal for shorty. Since I’ve figured out cloning, I’ve had 100% success! Thanks @Mrcrabs!


Awesome my friend I’m thrilled that I was able to pass it on, great job.


Forgot to share Indy’s trich shots! Not seeing any amber yet but mostly cloudy. What do y’all think?

A bit shaky on the middle one. Had a mosquito on the back of my neck while trying to capture that one! Lol


I think you’re right. I’d keep looking at her trichs every day, but that’s what the trichs of my MJ Eyre look like; mostly cloudy. I’m guessing that I’ll be harvesting mine next weekend, but I’ll be checking her all week, in case things develop quickly, and she needs to come down sooner. (I’m not looking for sleeping meds.). Go Indy!