Super skunk first time indoors


I gutted some lamps and got socket splitters! Lol. Had to strip the wires and reattach them.


Figured it took some ingenuity. Nice tho. How many bulbs n watts u running in there?

Been itching to get my DIY on until i can build this strip setup. May keep the 8 LED CFL setup for vegging


4 23w cfl’s 6500k + Viparspectra 300w-130w actual draw.


Ahhhh. Figured u had some heavy duty in there too. I just have 8 lamps at differing spots around the tank.


You should be able to get them to a decent size with 8 lamps! if you got socket splitters, you could run 16 bulbs! They even have socket splitters that split one socket to 6 bulbs. so potentially, if you got 6 way socket splitters, you could run 48 bulbs! Lol. It would be so bright, it would melt the tent! Lmao :joy::rofl:


That would be a ton of heat lol


Cfls don’t produce that much heat, your plants looking healthy, my two are still on half strength nutes


@Humanclone I was saying if he had 48 bulbs in there heat would be issuse 2 cfl no heat but 48 is a different story lol sry if I was spefic


Feeding day for Indy again!
2tsp medusa’s magic
2tsp Gaia mania
2tsp Athena’s amines
1tsp Demeter’ s destiny
2tsp Herculean harvest
1tsp Zeus juice
640ppm in @6.3ph
600ppm out @6.2ph
She’s eating a bit more than I’m putting in. Was gonna step it up some today but wanted to be sure it was time. She ate 660ppm in three days if I’m reading the numbers right.


@Hollywood here is @Drillbit topic in case you would like to read it :blush:


I’m back to reading your topic again Drillbit. Sorry, a “clone” :roll_eyes: drove me away.


Had a question @BigDaddyCain. I just started the hardening process today. We are getting 13hrs of light this time of year. My question is; Is hardening this late gonna have negative effects on the plant being that it will be hardening during the transition from veg to flower? Or should I bring it in at night and add a couple more hours of light to it to keep it in veg for the time being?


Also I ordered this today to keep it dry during flowering. You think this greenhouse would work to harden and flower in?


It will be fine but up the time in sun sooner it will harden faster and it needs the light for the 12/12 swap sounds like that’s comeing soon also it will stay in veg if it’s still 13 hr of light it will start to transition but slowly do to 13 hr of light


Will do. Thanks again @BigDaddyCain! I was asking about the greenhouse cause it mentioned “perfect for hardening off plants” in the description. Wasn’t sure if that meant I could keep the plant in there all day and be safe. But I will just use it during flowering. Seems like that greenhouse would do well for flowering too even though it’s not 100% clear, don’t you think? I saw a grow on YouTube where the guy had a greenhouse made with that same opaque material and his plants were 8 ft tall with HUGE buds!


You should be fine just watch the humidity in the tent


Indy, 3 days into hardening. She’s doing a lot of stretching. Can’t wait to get her into full sun!


Yup that sun does WONDERS for their skin. :joy:


Is that night dew or was it raining. And what’s the white on the sides looks like salt buildup


Lol, no. had just sprayed with neem. that white stuff is DE I rubbed on the outside of the pot.