Super skunk first time indoors


Sorry to hear about your baby @Whodat66
Drillbit you seem to have it under control. :wink: keep it green :seedling:


You’ll probably be ok.


@Drillbit yes you handled it good next time that happens if it ever does it is more common then you think when drainage is bad what you do is mixed up a h2o2 mix like 1 oz of h2o and rest water and put it in it for a few min then rinse in phed water then replant that will help a lot with it


Question; whenever you plant a sprouted bean(tail only) in soil, do you guys give water immediately, wet the soil beforehand, or just drop in dry soil?


Water right away so the dirt doesn’t dry out the root or plug you started it in


Ok. bean #2 has sprouted and instead of peat pellet, I was gonna use an organic soil I found that tests at 260ppm from run-off. 6.0ph


Tag me in on it I’ll follow along @Drillbit


That soil should b fine :+1: My tap water has 400 ppm just keep an eye on it like last time but there shouldn’t be a problem :v:


@Drillbit look at the pretty purple on this



Those are so beautiful @BigDaddyCain!
Is it just me or does anyone else wish they had an Ant-man suit so they could shrink themselves down to the point where those trichomes would be about chest high? I’d bury my head in one of those purple bit@#es until I drown! Lol :joy:


Indy at 1 week
These are just some of the pics I’ve taken the past week. One was a clone I tried but failed. Did a couple clones last night too. In these pics, Indy is 5days old and 7days old and top one is 10days old. I will have more up to date pics tomorrow.


If I had to guess, you weren’t getting enough light through the container on the clone. Of course could be a lot of other things too.


Love the Tupperware greenhouse :slight_smile: Oh, and congrats on getting your wifi back.


She’s comin along great. Pretty little thing :rofl: everything in the pics is so neat and clean. Great job so far :facepunch:


I had the very same thought @dbrn32. My new clones are under a completely clear dome now, and in a different medium; @Mrcrabs jiffy/perlite/vermiculite mix to be exact. Bought an aloe plant a few days ago cause I wanted to try his method.


Thank bud, im a diy’er too. Lol


Thanks bud. Wait til I share the updated ones later today! She’s gorgeous now! Things have changed up a bit in the tent. I guess I’ve kinda always been a bit of a neat freak. Lol


Here’s Indy! She will be 14 days old tomorrow

My tent setup. Have the capability of running 6 6500k bulbs now but only running 3 atm. Have a fan to make the stalk stronger.

My newly modified foil lined clone box with two clones, a third clone to follow soon.


She’s gotten a lot bigger :seedling: :point_right: :palm_tree: you got her to a nice lush green. Node spacing looks good. Looks awesome :yum:
Cloning box is cool. What kinda light is in there again?


it’s a 24in 12w led strip. it’s the same one in mrcrabs thread “cloning with aloe Vera”.