Super skunk feminized looking weird

This one plant is concerning me, the buds look completely different than the other 2 which are the same strain. All super skunk fems, same age. I can’t find any bananas and haven’t had any deficiencies, other than the light needing to be moved up a little more as you can see from the tips but I corrected that and haven’t had any further damage. :grimacing: The plants themselves are huge so I would sacrifice this one if need be to save my other 2. Any ideas or advice??? TIA!

Here’s 2 pictures of the same plant, different buds:

These are the other 2 plants that look normal…


Are you talking about the coloration? Because they all look great to me!!

Weed seeds aren’t as genetically stable as the fruits and veggie seeds they’ve been breeding for 80 years! They’ve got a good 50 year jump on the MJ industry, even less on quality genetics.
It’s common for plants of the same strain to have differences, even seed from the same plant can produce dramatically different results!Most of the time they’ll be more like one of the parent strains if the hybrid genes aren’t strong enough.
Generally the older strains like SS and Northern Lights are more stable than some of the newest hybrids, but it can still happen.

Now, if you really want to get rid of that spectacular looking plant I can give you my address and send you money for shipping!! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

I wouldn’t cut a thing!!!

Keep on strokin"!!

edit: In fact - the first pic more closely resembles the SS I just turned out the lights on!


Here’s mine!
She’s getting her 48hrs of darkness before the chop.
The buds are as hard and as big as shooter marbles!

Please excuse the cat hairs! :rofl:


Lol :rofl::rofl: Well I’m glad I came here before chopping her down​:laughing: But the tops of the bud was my concern and bc it seems super leafy, but this is my first grow with feminized seeds and also only my 4th grow ever so I’m definitely still a newbie​:laughing: I’ve never had plants so tall and bushy, the autos definitely don’t get this big!

Crazy the same strain can all look so much different!


They look great i dont see any problem with ur plant however you do get different variations in the same strain they wont necessarily all look the same


Oh wow! That makes me feel a lot better seeing yours!!! They look awesome. So what does the darkness 48hrs before the chop do??

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Supposedly the 48hrs, some go longer, is a stresser to the plant which produces a final flush of trich and THC development using the final resources available to the plant.
Some growers couple it with temps lowered into the 60s or 50s even or even watering with ice cold water or packing the top of the pot with ice!
I think the theory there is to simulate nature and the fall temps!
There’s all kinds of crazy techniques in the weed growing world! And I’m gonna try them all!!

Looks like you’ve got a good harvest coming regardless of any tricks!


@Tylersays Awesome! I’ll have to try that out on these super skunks!! I did 24 hrs off before the chop to my GSC and Bruce Banner autos but they just started curing so I dk what the benefit is lol I jus did it to test it out bc I read it but never knew why :joy: Curing has been a bitch for me…Temps in the room are 65F/65% RH but in the jars on the hydrometers it’s showing the same temp as the room but only 50-55% RH in the jars?! :thinking: I burp them and the humidity will go up a few % but I’m nervous to leave the jars open so long to raise the humidity and I don’t like to use those boveda packs….any ideas?? I tried to add a humidifier on low but that put the humidity of the room to like 99% :astonished:

I have a question? What is this on the first plant?


It’s the tip of another leaf that’s twisted lol I had to double check the plant!:laughing:


Oh good I’m happy to hear that!! :blush::v:


Next time you have to cull a few fans put them in the jar and let them raise the humidity level.
Some people will use fruit peels but I like the fresh leaf idea personally. Keep it in the family you know.
Plus I don’t want to have a few buds that taste like oranges or something.
Now if I had some crappy tasting weed. that might help! LOL!
What I’ve seen recommended is letting the RH in the jar rise to at least 5% above the target then burp/cure it back down.
The leaves or whatever you use should be pulled out, though honestly if it’s a weed leaf I don’t stress too much. Some will make a little cheesecloth bag if they really don’t want whatever to get mixed in by accident. I suppose a little bag would make it easier to kinda bury it mid-way down the jar and make sure the humidity is more evenly spread, but it’s a closed environment, so if it rises above the target it should be pretty consistent through the jar.
I lucked out and have a walk-in closet, that for some reason, has a AC vent in it. Even with the temp set to 68 it rarely rises above 62. Unfortunately it’s cedar lined so I couldn’t use it for drying. I can’t imagine Cedar Tree Diesel is any good at all! :rofl:
But in the jars they’re good.
Drying was my bane. Temps and humidity too high here, to low there. I struggled to find a sweet spot.
Luckily I took some SS clones in the third week of flower and they put out some HUGE leaves in re-veg so I had ample supply of moisture!

Happy Growing Everyone!!!

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Lmao I’ll stay away from the fruit peels unless I have some shitty weed like u said! :skull::joy: I’m gonna put some fan leaves in, I’ve got some huge ones that should do it and even some cheesecloth to experiment with!:grin::rofl:

The drying was touch and go the first couple grows for me too…but this time around I used my 10x10 for drying and was able to control the temp perfectly for a nice slow dry. I still have so much to learn tho, I got the Nutes down now (CANNA nutrient line) and understand the EC/ph/ppm but when to harvest (by judging trichs clarity) is what I struggle the most with besides the curing….that shit is hard!! I even bought a digital microscope to see the trichs better and I’m still not sure wth I’m doing, I just do my best by referring to pictures and make an educated guess! :woman_shrugging::laughing: I figure once I have a lot more grows under my belt I’ll start to see the difference…

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Somehow the tent I bought for drying ended up full of Super Skunk Clones! LOL!

Taken like the 27th or 28th of September and cubed. Rooted clones were potted on the 12th of October and tomorrow will be their first day of 12/12.

I’m calling it my third grow even though this is the first time I’ve actually completed a grow in years.
Life kinda got in the way.
But we went legal home grow this year and I’m semi-retired at this point so I threw my hat in the ring.
My outside grow finished a couple of weeks ago - final plant drying and getting ready for the cure. My main tent ladies just finished and my clones are going to flower.
Technically the clones are 4x the legal limit for home growing but It’s not illegal till you get caught! :rofl:
If it actually came to that I have 2 defenses prepared…genetically speaking, they’re ALL the same plant, Your Honor
or - I went to public school in this state! Is it any wonder I can’t count?

One of those should work!

I started using Jacks 321 with the clones, FF previously. FF was GREAT for the outside ladies, but gave me issues in the tent. It’s a pretty aggressive regimen and better suited for the tougher conditions of outside. I think!
I also switched medium from Happy Frog to Mother Earth coco/peat for the clone grow and have been impressed with the growth rates I’ve gotten from that.

honestly, learning about and growing weed has been the best hobby ever!! And every snag is a chance to learn something new.
Every grow is a chance to get better…and high, of course! :rofl:

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I completely agree with FF being aggressive!! I had major nutrient deficiencies and ph/ec issues which eventually led to hermied plants!!! :roll_eyes: I use bush doctor coco now to grow in, tried ocean forest and HF but didn’t like it. I haven’t got in to cloning yet but that’s definitely on the list! Figured I’d get the basics down first lol :rofl: This last grow is definitely my best one yet! My Bruce banner auto turned purple, I guess bc my grow temps are 65 :woman_shrugging: Or a few on here said they’ve heard of ppl getting BB seeds that are crossbred with Purple Hulk :thinking: I think it’s the temp since my super skunk are purple now too.

But you’re definitely right about growing being the best hobby ever!!! :clap::raised_hands: It’s definitely not cheap but it sure is rewarding! :heart_eyes:

Here’s the BB auto before the chop and after trimming! I’ve never had colors like this so I think it’s really cool! :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Thanks for all the help!! :relaxed:


Those pics are flippin’ beautiful!! Nice job!!

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Weed growers are THE MOST paranoid , overly concerned people on the planet. I don’t look like my brother but killing him hasn’t entered my mind. :wink:it’s fine